Having and Keeping Skin to Die For

Michael Hepworth



By Bonnie Carroll

HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)6/16/13/—We all want to look our best, and strive to find products that work best to maintain beautiful healthy skin. Upon researching the subject, I discovered some amazing products available that deserve a special mention.


The first product on my report is SELLA premium, created in South Korea by Lim Dal Myan.  Sella is beautifully packaged and offers a full line of natural products that are distributed in the US from Chicago, Illinois. The line includes serum, soap, lotion, mask, body soap, hand soap, hair soap, hand and foot lotions and more.

Of all the products on the market this one seems to provide not only outstanding packaging, but pure and natural products for women with sensitive skin and allergies. The nano face soap sits on a sophisticated self-adhesive fixture that looks beautiful in the bath and the product makes your skin soft as a baby’s bottom. The serum is equally chic and disappears into the skin to make your face glow. The silky facial essence cream is smooth and gives the skin a visual softness. The hand cream is a product any woman could become addicted to. It really is absorbed into dry hands and keeps them feeling silky. For additional information visit www.sella.com.













Another amazing and delightful skin care line is EcoGenics, founded by Ann Mc Donnell. This is a woman founded and owned company that has taken a pure and natural approach to skin care. They offer a complete line of beautiful and thoughtfully designed products including: skin cleanser, serum, micro-dermabrasion cream, mineral mask and more. The moisture crème is one of my skin product favorites. This posh light green cream is easily absorbed and leaves your skin shining. Although these products are odorless, there is a clean absence of scent that is pleasant.









Recently, the company created a compact travel case containing a collection of products for women world travelers. It contains the three basic essentials for your daily skin care, and is easy to carry through security check points in any airport. EcoGenics was a celebrity gifting sponsor for the GBK Oscar suite at the W Hotel in Hollywood this year. For additional information please visit: www.ecogenics.com.













Both the Sella and EcoGenics products won top skin care awards at the 2012 TasteTV Awards in Hollywood, California in February and were also sponsors for the TasteTV Awards in 2013.


Last, but by no means, least is Vbeaute  This is the ultimate in European chic packaging, combined with magnificent skin products designed to address the needs of women of every age. Their advertising is seen in the finest women’s style magazines, and these products are used by women of taste around the world.











Their slick violet pearl travel case, which holds a collection of skin care products for traveling women, is beautiful and completely practical The company also offers a complete line of sensitive skin care products.  For skin care and product information visit: www.vbeaute.com.


Bonnie Carroll