Kneipp Foot Care Products From Germany


By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(PerfectSkinToday)12/31/11/—Launched in 1891 in Germany by Sebastien Kneipp a well known naturopath and Priest, Kneipp products are now firmly established as a leader in foot care. Kneipp believed that four elements provided the right balance for perfect health, those being water, plants, exercise and nutrition.

The Kneipp Healthy Foot Bath Crystals ($21) were specifically developed for diabetics and contain calendula extract and rosemary oil and thermal Brine salt as the prime ingredients. Best way is to bathe the foot for about ten minutes ankle deep, and this is a perfect pre-treatment to naturally exfoliate the feet and prepare for any additional foot treatments.

Let me say right now that the Kneipp Foot Salve ($24) for eliminating painful callouses on the little toe or elsewhere works effectively, and I can say that From personal experience. Just dab a little on the little blighter for about ten days and bingo it vanishes. This is a miracle cream, and the secret is the 25% Urea which significantly improves rough, chapped and callused skin.

Throw in jojoba oil, panthenol and allantoin and you can save hundreds of dollars by not having to shell out big bucks at the podiatrist.

Finally the Kneipp Healthy Feet Foot Repair ($28) helps sooth tired ad cracked Feet, and promises to smooth deep cracks, intensely hydrate and recondition feet overnight. Oil of Rosemary improves circulation and revitalizes, Shea Butter leaves the foot feeling soft, and Calendula acts as a perfect moisturizer. For a really intensive treatment, apply Foot Repair to the feet about ten minutes before going to bed, put on a pair of cotton socks and allow the foot butter to work to maximum effect.


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