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HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)1/10/14/–Lexli are another skin care company whose stuff we like, probably because all the products are Aloe based (100% pharmaceutical and organic). For those of you not totally familiar with Aloe, it is a carrier for other ingredients and takes inflammation head on. The company is based out of Fargo in North Dakota, a place not only famous for the excellent movie a while back, bit also a place where local residents have rather unique skin issues because of the extreme climate.

Now we have tried this stuff over an extended period of time and can announce very satisfactory results. Founded by doctors Ahmed and Kay Abdullah, they have been using Lexli in their surgery for about twelve years, and Ahmed is a well known expert on aloe, and have devoted all their efforts into curing the dreaded acne.

Researchers have found that acne affects about 45 million people a year in the USA alone, and about 80% of adolescents and young adults, with many of them experiencing the condition well into middle age. It includes plugged hair follicles, excess oil production, bacteria and inflammation.

AloeGlyC is a patented exfoliant that is similar to an in office facial treatment with a pH of 2.1-2.3. It contains aloe vera, glycolic acid, vitamin C, E, and D, and botanicals like Allantoin, Jojoba Esters, Jojoba Oil and Green Tea Leaf Extract. The lower the Ph the more effective the exfoliant is at removing dead skin or keratin. AloeGlyC has the lowest Ph available without having to visit a doctor.

Lexli’s product line consists of 14 items and two kits which include a 30 Day Starter Kit and an Acme Treatment Kit. For example the Acne Kit starts out with the Aloe Based Facial Cleanser which removes excess oil from the skin an hair follicles. The Moisturizer with sun block helps to reduce inflammation, and the Acne Clarifying Lotion supplements the shelling of sticky cells to prevent clogged follicles and control Bacteria. The fourth based item is the aforementioned Exfoliant.

They also advise that in order to get the perfect results add the Tone & Balance which is a light moisturizer which helps to alleviate dryness and flaking during the day. Also the lightening lift is a ask that exfoliates and minimizes hyperpigmentation.


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