Skyn Icelandic Cool Skin Care Products 100% vegetarian Create Calming Effect For Stressed Skin

Skyn Icelandic Cool Skin Care Products Create Calming Effect For Stressed Skin


By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(PerfectSkinToday)12/18/11/—The Icelandic cool look can be obtained by using Skyn products that are readily available from Sephora and other beauty outlets. They are specially formulated for stressed skin, and in particular the Antioxidant Calming Serum at $65 is highly effective providing almost immediate texture improvement and at 30ml tends to last a long time as well.

This is a serum we like a lot that wages war on stressed skin on two fronts at the same time with two antioxidants, superoxide dismutase and co-enzyne Q10. In addition oxygen stimulators help jump start collagen production which ensures radiance, vitality and moisture.

The company was founded by Sarah Kugelman who went to Iceland and fell in love with the natural beauty of the place. She discovered Icelandic glacial water and in her line she has blended it with minerals such as cloudberries, red cranberry seed oils and thyme extracts.

All Skyn products are paraben free, sulfate free and are 100% vegetarian. It is an extremely light serum and the calming effects are almost immediate thanks to the use of capsicum annum fruit fermant extract derived from cayenne pepper, a bio intensive pepside that also reduces redness and irritation. There are a bunch of other ingredients in the mix including ubiquinone(antioxidant), Sodium PDA (moisturizer) Biospheric Complex(Iceland natural mineral blend) and Angelica archangelica (Icelandic botanical similar to ginseng).

Use the ultra smooth cream morning and night as needed.

In addition SKYN also have available Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels that in 10 minutes give tired eyes a mini boost. Elasticin helps firm and tone, hexapeptide Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and Ginkgo Biloba helps reduce puffiness. Use once a week and 8 pairs of eye gels cost $30. The Glacial Cleansing Cloths come in packs of 30 from SKYN and can be used morning and night to create a rich and foaming lather without the use of water and you don’t even have to rinse.

Michael Hepworth

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