Celebrity makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani used Orlane products to create the look for Felicity Jones







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HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)10/21/14/–Celebrity makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani used Orlane products to create the look for Felicity Jones for the red carpet premiere of ‘The Theory of Everything’ tonight.

“Felicity is wearing a black gown with the top and bottom in lace, so we wanted to create a look that was more edgy with a strong smokey eye – not too romantic as to contrast the lace.

I started by applying the Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Care Anti-Fatigue Serum to her skin.  This serum was perfect for today because we’ve been doing press for 4 days and with having makeup on and off, on and off, the skin can get a little dull.  Right after applying this serum, I felt the skin plumping up and the makeup went on so much smoother.  I followed by applying the Super-Moisturizing Light Cream and then while the skin was absorbing it all, I began working on her eyes.

I applied Pale Gold from Antonym Eyeshadow Quattro in Noisette all over her lid.  Then I took Moiré from Votre Vu Palette Play in Violette and applied that on the outer corner of the eye and blended it inward so less color would be towards the inner corner to create that gorgeous gradient effect.  Taking Black from Antonym Eyeshadow Quattro in Croisette, I concentrated on the outer corner and blended inward again, stopping just shy of the purple shade.  Then, taking a clean brush I blended the crease out so there was no harsh lines.  Next, I lined the top and bottom of her eyes withAntonym Ecocert Certified Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil in Noir and smudged it out.  I finished off her eyes with two coats of Orlane Volume Care Mascara.

After cleaning up any fall out from shadow under her eyes, I applied Orlane Vitality Radiance Care Eye Contour to hydrate the under eye area.  I used a Dior foundation to even out the skin tone and went back with Orlane Highlight Care Brush under the eyes to clean it up a bit and highlighted a little where needed, like around the nose.  To apply the Highlight Care Brush, I dabbed the product from the applicator onto the back of my hand to remove any excess and then applied directly to her skin going back to pick up product from my hand as needed.  To set the look, I dusted Orlane Transparent Loose Powder all over her face.

To give some color back to the skin and a little more definition, I applied Antonym Ecocert Certified Organic Baked Blush in Peach on the apples of the cheeks and worked the product upward towards the temples.  Next, I applied a bit ofOrlane Bronzer in Soleil Cuivre 02 underneath the cheekbones using Antonym Contour Brush #3.

Since the eyes were the main focus of the look, we kept her lips natural.  I first moisturized her lips with Orlane Extreme Line-Reducing Li p Care for the base and then applied the lipstick on top.”

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