Your New Happy Hour in Los Angeles.. “The Lounge Spa”


















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Your New Happy Hour in Los Angeles.. “The Lounge Spa”

By: Sandee Whiteman 

Los Angeles,(Perfect Skin Today)10/31/14/–In Los Angeles, we are always looking for time of promise and relaxation and temporary freedom from the outside world without the occasional happy hour lifestyle.  Well, look no further,  “The Lounge Spa.’”

The Lounge Spa is the ultra hip, modernized day spa located in Culver City, CA.  A variety of treatments include massage, facials, manicure and pedicures with names inspired based on a cocktail menu; examples include Sea Breeze Facial, The Grand Marnier Melt Down Massage, and the Pinot Noir Pedicure.

They also offer a Happy Hour Menu, offered 7 days a week anytime, which includes the Triple Shot, three quick pick me up treatments in 100 minutes. I mean what woman or man would not enjoy this with their busy schedules in Los Angeles? When I say man, yes they have a package for you too, “The Metropolitan Man” this treatment in The Lounge Spa menu words will sure enough make you GQ ready in no time.

I saved the best treatment to talk about last, and with autumn now in our horizon this would go perfect with our new Lounge Lifestyle. The Pumpkin Puree… This facial consists of a pumpkin puree enzymes packed with active yogurt cultures that boosts overall skin tone, and helps purify combination and congested skin, after a long, hot Summer this is just what our Autumn Skin needs at this time of year.

So, the next time you are thinking of hitting up your local Happy Hour Spots for some cocktails and to chill, look no further then “The Lounge Spa.” They have all the “Spa”cocktails you will need to relax and unwind without the calories and the hangover.

The Lounge Spa is located in Culver City at 4130 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City CA 90230.


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