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Angeleno-Spa Tour 2009



By Sandee Whiteman

Santa Monica,CA(Perfect Skin Today)2/3/15/–Hello, ever wonder: If you could turn back time, and experience to be CLEOPATRA FOR A DAY? I feel I have just witnessed that experience at the TIKKUN HOLISTIC SPA in Santa Monica California.

As soon you walk through the doors of this underground oasis, you find a simple bliss of peace to your every day hustle and bustle of “LIFE.” The tranquility setting is just the polar opposite of that need for speed out there on the Streets. It is here where you can melt your sorrows and get a few hours of rest and rejuvenation.

The spa offers detoxifying treatment rooms, such as the Clay Room, or Himalayan Salt Room, Dry and Steam Saunas, and a Jacuzzi to melt those worries away and rejuvenated your skin.

But, it’s the treatments is where all the magic begins. One of their most unique treatments is the V-steam… and yes you heard me right. V-steam.

You might be wondering what is a V-steam but basically it’s a detoxification of your private parts… and with this goes hand and hand with your overall body balance and complexion… It may sound as if only geared towards women, but this is not true, men reap the benefits, and has been used by royalty in Korea for many years, including the Emperor of China. It aids in the overall hormones of the body, which is the major, concern for aging and acne, and other skin conditions.

The process is quite simple, you are given a beautiful gown to slip into, and lead to a Jade Detoxification Room, designed with Mother Lilies, and modernized toilet pots, equipped with Infrared red light, and steaming/boiled herbs. You are then given direction, which you will sit for 30 minutes, and let the pot do the work, by detoxifying you from the inside/outside. As you sit there, you can drink green tea and water, the green tea is for a natural aid to the detoxification process… After 30 minutes you will feel rejuvenated and your skin will be glowing.

Another treatment that is fit for Cleopatra, or in this case your Queen of the day experience, is the 24k Gold Facial. The Facial begins with a combination of relaxation and comforting by being guided to a warm soft and cuddly facial bed fit for Royalty. Your Esthetician will gear the facial to your skin type, and the key element is the 99% pure Gold Sheets from Korea that are applied to your skin, and massaged in along with the Antioxidant Serums which provides a base for the Gold to soak into the skin allowing it to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. The gold and antioxidant serum helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes, fine lines/wrinkles, and age spots. Another perk of this facial is the massage as you can feel it fighting the skin along during this process… The conclusion is quite simple “YOUR SKIN IS RADIANT/and LUMINOUS.”   For more info:

Tikkun Spa is Located at 1460 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Tele: 310.319.1111. URL:




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