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By Sandee Whiteman

Playa Vista,CA(Perfect Skin Today)3/24/15/-Located in the new urban community of Playa Vista, is a quaint spa named Enliven Skin & Body.

A lovely lady named Seti owns and operates Enliven Skin & Body. She has a magical touch for the skin and can customize array of treatments based on your skin. Or you may also have your hand pick from a spa menu that she has created, including some advanced medical grade treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Micro-current, Ultrasonic, and even Cellulite.

Seti wanted to make sure I was comfortable and enjoyed the facial so beforehand she made sure all the right questions were answered… Such as what is your skin concerns, since it is allergy season, I made sure to mention my terrible allergies….

The next process was easily accomplished; I relaxed and let her do the job…

She performed a Microdermabrasion Custom Facial, which consisted of a soft cleanse, followed by a exfoliation with the Clarisonic brush, and included a natural lactic peel that stimulated and opened the pores, followed by a medical grade microdermabrasion which consists of using a diamond dermabrasion system. After this was finished, it was onto the cleansing out the pores by doing extractions. Which came quite easy with all the prior work … Seti also used a micro current, which trigger at a cellular level to tighten areas of the face. Next on the menu was the Facial Massage. At this point I was slowly drifting away into a peaceful state, as she performed lymphatic drainage around the nasal passages I noticed my allergies were as well dissolving and I felt a state of relief. The final stages of the Custom Facial were taking place as she placed a Cooling Mask, with Green Light Therapy to follow with light moisturizer and SPF 40 for extra protection…

I am very happy to report that PLAYA VISTA has a New Hip Spot in their community, so the next time your in need of a little rewind and reconnect with your skin look no further then Enliven Skin & Body. Located at 12777 W. Jefferson Blvd. Bldg. D Suite 300, Play Vista, CA 90066.








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