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Lauren Karl, Esthetician 

“I Want Skin Just Like Yours”


By Kay Schroeder

Tustin,CA(Perfect Skin Today)4/22/15/–Today the selection of skin care products is almost overwhelming – Revlon, Clinique, Cover Girl, LOreal, Lancome, Sepohra, Physician’s Formula; the choices are endless, and at times confusing.

Most of us have a drawer full of products at home that promised to give us clearer skin, fewer blemishes and a more youthful appearance; and those promises, in most cases, came with pretty high prices tags attached.

Dermatologists can diagnose over 3,000 different diseases and that’s great; do consult one when you suspect a problem.

But for daily skin care and maintenance, a professional esthetician can help you sort through the hype and marketing buzz of skin care procedures and skin care products.

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The esthetician can evaluate your skin condition (clear, blemished, sun damaged) and your skin type (dry, oily, or a combination of dry and oily), and recommend procedures and products that are right for your specific skin care needs.

In her salon, Lauren uses LeMieux, Epicurean, Murad, Dermologica, and Circadia products because she believes they are among the finest, most effective and reliable products available. Her opinion is that “no one product has it all.” She also works to stay abreast of the products available in local stores. The knowledge of products/brands she finds that are of similar value, she will share with her clients if they are looking for a more budget friendly product to purchase for home use in between visits to her salon.

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Salon Gallery is located in Old Town Tustin at 220 El Camino Real, Suite 4, Tustin, CA (714) 809 0720,

Other services located at Salon Gallery are permanent makeup, hair salon, and manicure salon.

In my recent interview with Lauren I asked her a few questions like what the most frequently asked question was on a client’s first visit. She said most of them ask, “Will it hurt?” Her answer “No, it won’t.” Then she qualifies that answer with “Extractions (removal of blackheads and whiteheads) can, but it only hurts for a little while.”

Another of my questions was “What is the most frequent statement clients make to you during their first visit to your salon?” She smiled and said “Most of them say that they want skin just like mine.”

When asked if most clients have a realistic expectation of results of a given procedure, she quipped, “It’s about 50/50. I tell them I’m an esthetician, not a magician. That usually makes them smile and puts them at ease.”

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Lauren said that the most common complaints people have about their skin are that it is too dry, too oily, wrinkled, has lost tone, or that it is sun damaged. Each of these concerns she addresses on an individual basis.

Curious about the demographics of her clients, I asked what percentage of her clients are male. She replied that about 1% are male who are often referred by their wives or girlfriends. She added that the average number of years her clients have been with her is 10 – 15 years.

Along with a proper diet, Lauren stresses the importance of drinking a lot of water and not smoking. “A good serum containing vitamin C and peptides is a great product to use (unless a person is allergic to vitamin C)”.

I had to ask about the M word. This is probably the most talked about and perhaps least understood skin product of all. It is difficult to cut through all the verbiage and gobbledygook that is extolled on the labels, in magazines ads and in the TV ads. What are all of those unintelligible words and what do they mean? How is the consumer to decipher and sift through it all? Lauren boils it down to “Look for a moisturizer that nourishes the skin at a cellular level (hydrates the skin, replenishes the natural moisture elements in the upper layers, and bolsters the barrier function of the skin”.

With 21 years in the skin care business, Lauren has taken her formal training and what she has learned about each of her clients’ needs to design the services and products specific to the individual client.

First time clients receive 20% off any single service.

Refer a friend and receive 50% off your next single service.

These offers cannot be combined together or used with any other special.

Services provided by Lauren are detailed below:


A very thorough treatment, cleansing, glycolic acid, steam, manual extractions, skin cancer check, custom masque and moisture:

50-60 min – $60

with *oxygen – $85


Bring healing to inflamed skin, acne skin with this anti-bacterial treatment. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, ozone (speeds up healing and sanitizes) masque, and moisture:

60-70 min – $75


A relaxing toning facial massage is included along with an enzyme or glycolic acid exfoliate, steam, extractions, custom masque and moisture:

65 min – $65

with *oxygen – $90


This treatment helps with minor acne scarring, tightens pores, helps reduce pigmentation and stimulates rapid new cell turnover. A glycolic acid treatment and a collagen peptide masque are included:

60 min – $100

with *oxygen – $125

with deep cleansing facial and *oxygen – $175


Myontonology is a state of the art non-surgical alternative to facial muscle toning. “Myo” is a low-grade micro current that is able to stimulate the facial and neck muscles producing a lifting effect after 14-18 sessions. Myo is not a face lift; it provides a natural lift perfect for those wanting a more practical (with no down time) approach to looking younger. Myo stimulates circulation in the skin, reduces eye puffiness and overall facial fluid retention, all the while smoothing fine lines and softening wrinkles.  All treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, and a custom blend of serums/vitamins infused into your skin:

60 min – $90

$450 for 5 treatments, receive the 6th treatment free

with *oxygen – $25 per session

Eyes only,  25 min – $45

$225 for 5 treatments, receive the 6th treatment free


Eyebrow shaping – $18 +
Upper lip – $5
Upper and lower lip – $7
Lip and chin – $10
Under arm – $15 +
Standard bikini – $25 +
Standard bikini and inner thigh area – $40
Upper back – $45
Full back – $60 +
1/2 lower leg (calve)- $45 +
Upper leg – $50 +

Eyelash tint – $20

Eyebrow tint – $20

ll consultations are complimentary.

A myo consultation includes a brief demonstration of the treatment.
More extensive skin peels are available and can be discussed
during any treatment/consultation.

When visiting Lauren’s website at:

be sure to click on *Oxygen, “latest news”.


Salon Gallery

220 El Camino Real, Suite 4, Tustin, Ca.




Please give as much notice as possible to cancel or reschedule.

Last minute cancellations may be subject to a $25 – $50 charge on service.
Failure to show will be charged the full amount of service, if in a series will forfeit one treatment.

A $35 fee for all returned checks.

Visa/Mastercard accepted.







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