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By Cheri Fox

Beverly Hills.CA(Perfect Skin Today)4/7/15/–Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Shann Christen, one of the world’s leading experts on hair health. Shann is a licensed trichologists specializing in hair and scalp health. Shann has a very charismatic personality and explained he is using cutting edge breakthrough technologies to have the healthiest hair possible and is the go-to person for celebs and others experiencing hair loss.

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Shann’s salon is a private exclusive studio based in Beverly Hills, with beaming hardwood floors and custom cabinetry his exclusive studio provide the right amount of privacy for an afternoon of “the works” hair analysis color consult base, highlights and health hair care prescription for using his signature bio method products for your individual hair care needs.

Shann evaluates your hair the follicles strength and condition and hair care regime are discussed over rock tunes of Led Zeppelin and drinking espresso nespresso.

Shann explains the benefits of more frequent shampooing and the hair oils benefit from protecting scalp from the outer elements and pollution yet stresses the importance of removing those outer layer of gathered toxic buildup in hair oil with nutrients for the hair.

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Shann’s signature hair product collection, are nutrients for hair; BioMethod, is the first hair care line developed with an emphasis on anti-aging and nutrition of the hair.

Shann explains as a licensed trichologists he developed this premiere health care for hair care line BioMethod. He discusses further how Biomethod is a complete nutritional health care system for the hair and scalp and the ingredients are natural organic products from Italy; there are two shampoos one is an energizing “cleansing treatment ” specifically for hair loss with Vitalizing DHT balancing the DHT hormone and Seborrhea treating , with ingredients containing potassium soy protein and coconut which is fantastic for the health care of hair the Fortifant cleanings treatment is specially designed for nourishing weak and breaking hair and contains potassium soy protein, wheat protein, copper and zinc .

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The leave in treatment Mineralisante is a mixture of trace elements many natural minerals including magnesium, calcium , potassium sodium copper to help feed the hair natural nutrients ; the Mineralizing lotion feeds hair with trace minerals to replenish repair and hydrate.

When I left the salon I was red carpet ready my hair beaming with shine and my hair felt and looked better now I also took home the Biomethod hair shampoo and mineralisante trace element treatment, for restoration.

~ SHANN CHRISTEN shampoos and Mineralizing treatment available at Shann Christen Salon or

The Shann Christen Salon is located at 9911 W. PicoBlvd., Suite #200w-33, Los Angeles 323-350-6230.

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