PurErb Oil 30 Day Follow-up Review


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By Kay Schroeder


HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)7/7/16/–Seemingly in the blink of an eye, thirty days have elapsed since I promised to check back in and report to our perfectskintoday.com readers on my observation and evaluation of the PurErb Purity Renewing Facial oil. The main ingredients in this product are Dilo, Macadamia, Argan, Abyssinian, Juniper, Tea Tree, Carrot Seed, and Patchouli.

Seven of these thirty days were spent on travel to San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. As you can appreciate travel today, while fun, can be arduous with the hectic airports, long security lines, and the ever-shrinking airline seating space. Passenger-propelled prayers compete with computers in cyberspace in hopes of avoiding the crushing center seat. Therefore, any convenience to ease the perils of travel are welcoming and soothing.

The convenience of the eyedropper dispenser top on the PurErb Purity Renewing Facial Oil bottle offered several advantages for travel. The one ounce bottle took up very little space in my carry-on-size bag. However, the biggest advantage was that I needed to apply it only once a day (immediately after washing my face in the shower at night). The next morning, my skin still looked and felt well hydrated but not greasy.











As I mentioned in my first review, my skin tends to be very dry, thus requiring the use of a lot of moisturizer, and considering the cost of this product, I was expecting a lot. Today I was actually shocked when I checked the bottle and saw how little of the oil I had used over the thirty days. This one ounce bottle is going to last me a long, long time.

Ok, remember that moment of truth I talked about? Well, today was the time for my second moment of truth. Again I got out my 8” round mirror, flipped it over to the greatly magnified side, and performed an evaluation of whether this product was effective in improving the appearance and feel of my skin.

My first criteria for evaluation was; “How does my skin feel to the touch?” As I slowly moved my hand across my cheeks, forehead, and neck area, my skin felt smoother and softer to the touch. So far; so good.

Now, for my second criteria for evaluation; “Do the characteristically dry areas around my mouth, nose and forehead look softer and less dry?” I took extra care and time to perform this step. I found that these areas showed less dryness, which in turn, made my skin look more hydrated than it had before this thirty-day trial.

The above analysis was easy to perform and I feel gave me important objective evidence in evaluating whether this product was effective for my skin and was worth the purchase price.

The answer is yes to both of these evaluation questions.

This item along with other PurErb products may be purchased online at:







$28 for .3 ounce, and $75 for 1 ounce

Please check back in on www.perfectskintoday.com in a few days. I’ll be posting my review and evaluation of another PurErb product, Sweet Tea Sugar Body Scrub.


Stay cool!