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By Kay Schroeder

Laguna(Perfect Skin Today)7/21/16/–This unique cleansing and brightening formula was perfected by a respected Korean master monk. It contains a total of 38 plant extracts, including Ginseng, Bearberry, Mulberry, Cowslip, and Angelica.

July 5, 2016, PurErb introduced their Clarity Brightening Bar that promises to (1) lift impurities, (2) brighten dull skin, (3) reduce hyper pigmentation, and (4) boost alertness and promote stability.  There was only one way to find out whether this bar could live up to some or all of these claims so I decided to take on the challenge of evaluating the efficacy of this product.

Upon receipt of the PurErb bar, I dutifully followed the instructions for use that were included on the packaging. The instructions were as follows: To cleanse the face and neck, PurErb CEO, Janel Luu recommends wetting your hands and rubbing the Clarity Brightening Bar until lather appears, then massaging it into your face and neck for 30 seconds. Leave the lather on for two minutes before rinsing and patting the face and neck dry.









  • Lift Impurities from the Skin:

I agree that this product does a good job of cleansing the skin.


  • Brighten Dull Skin:

This was not evident during the two-week period that I used the product. However, it is reasonable to believe that using the cleansing bar for a longer period of time could result in the appearance of brighter skin.


  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation:

After the two-week trial period, this product did appear to have lightened some of the darker spots on my face. That’s a real plus!


(4) Boost Alertness and Promote Stability:

I am not quite sure how boost alertness relates to skin appearance, feel, or texture, so will have to leave this one for some other user of the product to comment on. As far as promoting stability, I assume the manufacturer is saying that using this product consistently will help accomplish and maintain all of the above attributes.

One recommendation I would like to make to the manufacturer is that the color of the cleansing bar be changed from the dark brown color to a lighter color, preferably soft beige. The brown color is a little off putting (unattractive) when it gets wet. Also, handling the bar during use could be improved if the bar were slightly thicker.

Overall impression:

The Clarity Cleansing Bar lather felt refreshing and it effectively cleansed my skin. I experienced no dryness, tightness, nor redness afterward. I found it advantageous to cleanse my face as soon as I got into the shower and leave the lather on for the required 2 minutes, while I continued my regular shower routine.



The 1 oz. and 3.5 oz. leaf-shaped bars retail from $10 – $35 each.




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The PurErb Exotic Voyage Clarity Cleansing Bar is available at www.purerbskincare.com (it may take a few seconds to open this site)