Dr.Denese SPF 30 Defense Day Cream for Ultimate Protection



By Michael Hepworth

New York, NY(PerfectSkinToday)4/24/12/–Dr Adrienne Denese is a New York based dermatologist originally from Hungary who you may have seen on television in an info-commercial promoting her products. In my interview with her Isoon realized how adamant she was that a skin care line should preferably always be fronted by a medical doctor as opposed to a marketing guru or
even a chemical scientist.

She has created the “Denese Difference,” which is an eight week program where she promises to make you r skin look much younger. She has perfected the product by using higher amounts of her patented HydroShield, which is geared towards preventing Trans Epidermal Water Loss and to deliver inherent skin lipids to improve the hydration of the skin.

After trying some of her products for a length of time I must agree. Every product is produced at the Skin Science Labs in Ridgefield, New Jersey, and top of the list has to be the SPF 30 Defense Day Cream which also doubles as a concealer ($64.92).Smooth to the skin with a Matte finish and with a color that matches skin tone, this is tremendous value for the 4oz tube. It is tinted,oil free and zinc-oxide based which along with Octinoxate provides perfect sun screen protection.

After putting this on about 30 minutes before hitting the sun, you then put on the Age Corrector Firming & Retexturing Foundation that contains the Actizone Firming Factor & Stem Bio-Technology that makes Dr.Denese products so effective. I also like the Advanced Firming Facial Pads also with Actizone Firming Factor that are amazingly effective in wiping grime of the face usually last thing at night. Also effective is the Hydroshield Hydrating Treatment Powder with ceramide and Retinol which can be applied during the day as needed.. No skin care line would be anything without eye protection, and Dr.Denese has the Baggage Lost Puff Reducing Eye Gel.


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