Keeping it healthy New Fall 2017 Gift Guide


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Keeping it healthy
New Fall 2017 Gift Guide

By Cheri Fox

HOLLYWOOD (perfect Skin Today) 10/5/17/–Keeping it Healthy and having perfect white teeth are on the top of everyone’s beauty list.  This new toothbrush had 3D
action flossing bristles and is called Mouthwatchers®,  it is the latest thing in “toothbrushes”  with the revolutionary Antimicrobial Toothbrush!





The special Flossing Bristles™  that are dual action are also ultra thin at the tip, and are able to reach and brush away food and plaque in normally missed areas.  The company Mouthwatchers® is a game changer in brushing your teeth. Just after one use you can feel the difference and the cleaner feeling on your pearly whites, I highly recommend this product.  The science behind this new product are the flossing bristles with are embedded with silver technology to eliminate 99.9%
of bacteria build-up for up to 6 hours after brushing, you can keep those germs away; the bristles are like flossing all in one and teeth feel so clean it is like the dental quality cleaning; the cleaning is superior and reduces the gum bleeding.  Dr. Ronald Plotka developed the antimicrobial dual flossing bristle toothbrush that has been approved by Dr. Gordon Christensen’s Clinicians Report (consumers reports for dentists)



EcoVessel: Is a cool way to travel with liquids ; EcoVessel has a signature TriMax Triple Insulation Technology which provides keeping your drinks cool or hot while your on the go and or travelling . With impressive numbers cold and fresh for 36 hours and hot for up to 8 hours.  Gone are the  days carrying a plastic clunky thermos. The sleek SUMMIT is perfect when you want the convenience of one-handed, tilt- free drinking.  It has a removable silicone flip spout that you can change up with different, fun colors. Available in 17oz and 24 oz sizes.



Fall Time is Back to School and change of weather  this new product Sufficient-C: This powder vitamin product is made  to boost your immune system without the daunting task of swallowing so many pills? Add the taste is sweet, satisfying and one-of-a-kind Sufficient-C® It was created to support a healthy inflammation response and boost the immune system, this drink mix offers flavor with function. Whether you drink it with meals, or after a steamy workout or just to jumpstart your day, a simple scoop of Sufficient-C® allows for easily customized dosing. A refreshing  solution for those who are tired of  task of taking countless pills and capsules and simply need more, drink to your health with Sufficient-C! The dose starts at 2000mg of vitamin C and can be doubled for maximum benefits : and it has a peachy flavor ;












Perfect for the outdoorsy person or family trip ; this water bottle will become an essential to stay hydrated! This durable, portable water bottle uses ultra filtration technology to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites to produce instant clean, drinkable water. Battle the elements without worrying about clean drinking water LIFESAVER literally turns contaminated water into refreshing, clear water in just seconds! The world’s first in design, manufacture and supply of on the go nano-filtration technology, this handy water bottle will be a lifesaver! This is an essential for every ones homes just in case and definitely on adventure travels ; Shut Down My Mind with a Spa for your brain !

Dreampad Memory Support $179.00
Dreampad Slim Support $149.00















The Dreampad is a technology-based solution for reducing stress and improving sleep. The product is a comfortable fluffy  pillow which uses patented technology to ease you into a peaceful sleep through relaxing sounds and gentle vibrations that only you can hear. No more time wasted counting sheep or tossing and turning or mega doses of sleeping pills ; Dreampad is a spa for your brain! Originally created as a therapy tool to calm highly stressed children, the Dreampad calms the nervous system, bringing your body and mind into a state of rest quickly and assisting you with staying asleep throughout the night. It is a game changer for those who may have a hard time shutting down a night, people with careers that force odd hours of rest, or those with sleep-related issues.



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