An Old Method, Meets the Modern Age. For Pain. “Cupping”

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An Old Method, Meets the Modern Age. For Pain. “Cupping”


By: Sandee Whiteman



Los Angeles (Perfect Skin Today) 2/2/18/–As, I was searching for new alternative to pain for my neck, I started seeing in the media a basketball player “Russell Westbrook”, with these red rings all over his body.











He shared with the media, that for his pain and inflammation that he was receiving cupping. I thought, oh that’s right the same method was used in the Olympics for a lot of famous swimmers. Not to get so frilly with celebrities, but Media is strong point in our society, so I started to do my research on some local cupping in the area.

I found a lady that was very close to my place of residence, the company name is Holistic Physical Therapy and the therapist is Anne McArthur. I booked an appointment immediately for my neck, as it was in bad shape, it was so inflamed I was having a hard time sleeping and just needed some relief. After the research, I wanted to get the result.

After meeting Anne, I knew immediately I was in good hands, she was very professional and confident in her work. She asked me a lot of questions in regard to my overall health. She started to work on my area of interest (neck) and (shoulder) and (upper-back). So now is the ultimate question? How does cupping work.

Cupping works by using special cups that are either heated or suctioned with air and placed throughout the body on areas of pain. The suction cup or vacuum that is created pulls the skin and in toward the cup which creates marks on the skin, that should release tension and overall pain by stretching fascia, pulling out inflammation and stimulating blood flow.   Cupping has been around for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine and has been shown to improve and treat pain.












My first reaction, was wow this feels like a real deep massage, I felt a lot of tension released at first, and did feel like I was finally going to get a good night sleep from the pain I was experiencing. Anne told me that I also needed to incorporate other areas of stretching to my routine, and make sure I am keeping properly hydrated, she also questioned maybe the exercise routine I was doing was not helping with the matter, and maybe should try another routine like Yoga to help with my overall muscles and tension. She was very knowledgeable in all areas, not just for being a cupping therapist, but she is also a Physical Therapist (and certified yoga teacher), so I hit a gold mine when I found her. After going home that evening, I had one of the best sleeps, even though my husband said I looked like something from Avatar, I thought well at least I’m not in pain.

I think the whole verdict is in, Cupping does work and is amazing treatment for pain, and overall tension. I will be utilizing my local Cupping spot in the near future, for my pain, and hope you will take an initiative and look to ease your pain as well with Holistic Physical Therapy and Wellness with Anne McArthur, MPT, YAT, she is in parenthesis) Located at 12401 Wilshire Blvd, Street 105, Los Angeles, CA 90025, 310:699:9463.