A New Era in Anti-Aging




Michael Hepwort


by Kay Schroeder


HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today) 11/3/20/–I was excited to receive Neora (Nee-ohr-uh) Age IQ Night Cream a few weeks ago. Now, it was time to put it to the test. Of particular interest to me was the claim that this cream was designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, restore firmness and elasticity, and improve the skin’s brightness and clarity, while you sleep. My skin is very pale and tends to have uneven red and brown skin tones that are difficult to mask with makeup.

The online testimonies and photos of clients who have used this product were a real motivator for me to give it a try.

After a few weeks, I noticed that my skin did look firmer and was noticeably firmer to the touch. I kept touching my face to confirm that yes, it was indeed firmer.


Being a data-driven type of person, I found the information insert listed below to be very interesting and well worth the time to read.


“The Best of Science and Nature From Around the World”


* TC3-Armor Blend: This proprietary blend of chia seed extract and natural ingredients helps detox your skin of stressors accumulated during the day and acts as a shield against environmental impurities.

* SIG-1273 Molecule: Our patented, dual-action molecule acts as an antioxidant and skin protectant, helping combat fine lines and wrinkles.


* SAL-14 Blend: This exclusive blend features the antioxidant bidens pilosa, as well as mauritia flexuosa fruit oil, to help improve skin elasticity and address other signs of aging.


* Peony Root Extract: A botanical ingredient that works to restore the appearance of plumper-looking skin.

Neora’s “How to Use” instructions includes a special tip for increased hydration:

At night, cleanse skin, then apply product to face and neck. For added hydration, add water to your face before applying. Rinse skin the following morning.

Application that couldn’t be easier!


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