Alexandra Miles Yerike, Power Women in Business Founder/CEO Beeza Relaxing Body Lotion


Alexandra Miles Yerike, Founder/CEO

Beeza Relaxing Body Lotion















By Kay Schroeder

HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today ) 12/5/20/–While interviewing this young entrepreneur an explosion of words kept popping into my head: words like determined, decisive, forward-looking, tenacious, strong/caring people skills, analytical mind, and a passion for helping people by creating products that make their lives better as well as more comfortable, and free from pain. I soon learned that she was all of these and more.

Greatly influenced by her grandmother’s passion for her desert garden, it was there that Alexandra learned from an ancient family recipe book how to make remedies and essential oils. Alexandra suffered with painful cramps for years, and knew she could not continue taking medications that were negatively affecting her body.

One of those family recipes was formulated to relieve pain. She had a feeling that CBD just might enhance the efficacy of the pain recipe. After scientific research, lab testing, and FDA approval, CBD was officially incorporated into the recipe. Thus, December 2019 Beeza Relaxing Body Lotion was born.

It was time to get the product on the market and into the hands of people who would benefit from this new, innovative pain reliever. Many challenges were ahead to make that happen.

Methodically and systematically she thought through all the things that had to be accomplished and completed them one by one.

She decided to hire people who had the strengths that she did not have, or that she just didn’t have the time to do herself. She hired an accountant, experienced online technical audio/visual experts, product packaging designers, and media personnel. Admittedly, she said that at times it was difficult to give up control of those tasks however, she decided to take a Laissez-faire attitude and trust the experts do their jobs.

She felt confident in here ability to anticipate what the customers wanted.

Her biggest fear or concern was to make sure she was totally and continually compliant with the FDA.

When asked what her greatest difficulty was in getting her product to the customer she immediately responded with “packaging and shipping, especially to customers outside the United States, and receiving shipments of the supplies she needed in the manufacture of her product. Shipping time and costs were also a concern”.

In conclusion, I asked Alexandra if she had any advice to offer other entrepreneurs who are starting a business. Her sage advice was “Find people who have the strengths that you don’t have. And when the problems come, address them immediately and most importantly, keep on moving forward.”