Skin-Seductions Beard Balm the right blend of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, with just a small amount of Beeswax, and a few drops of fragrance oil.

Our Beard Balm is just the right blend of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, with just a small amount of Beeswax, and a few drops of fragrance oil.

Beard Balm is great for conditioning and smoothing your unruly beard.












Michael Hepworth


*Essential Oils available upon request*

HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today) 2/4/21/–I was playing around with different amounts of oil, figuring out what worked best. My beard is pretty coarse, so there’s only so much taming that can be done. So, 5 drops of the oil was best for coverage without leaving an oily feeling afterward, applying from underneath at the roots and working my way out. Finishing by twisting it into the mustache. Then I did my usual heated comb out with a wooden beard comb. The comb maintains a little left over oil which helps spread it throughout a bit more.

The oil does a good job with adding softness/conditioning, though it may work better (at least for me) if it were the base of a beard balm. I’ve previously used Honest Amish Beard Balm, and I feel it controls the mess a bit better, but I don’t think it conditions as well. Regardless, it’s still an improvement over no product (like in my first picture).

I’m still a bit newer to the long beard game. I had a short beard for 10+ years, but decided to play with the long beard when the pandemic started. Been growing it since last April. I’ve based a lot of my beard management choices on tips from a friend who does national beard competitions.

When I do go back to the short beard, I think this oil would be perfect.

It makes my beard look healthier, smoother, and softer.

Sam – It has helped with dry skin and makes his beard softer.
He was wanting a product that would help make his beard look fuller, which an unscented beard oil would not do on its own. I provided him a second oil that was scented with a combination of fragrance oil and essential oils. He also wanted to try our Beard Balm which I scented with essential oils that are promoted as being good for hair. He has since said he really likes the Beard Balm and he uses that every day and using the beard oil every 2-3 days.
Riley & Chase – Our skin and beard feel good.  When we eat pizza the grease lingers in my beard. This oil did not cover up the grease smell as other scented beard oils do.”
I provided everyone with unscented beard oil to try as I really wanted to hone in on the perfect blend of oils for the skin and beard before we started adding scents. Skin Seductions has a large library of scents to choose from as well as numerous essential oils.
Dan – I use “The Elmer” beard balm and beard oil. I especially like these products during the winter months. With the colder temps my beard seems to get dry and brittle. I have used the beard oil on occasion but where I feel I get the most benefit is when I combine both products when just out of a shower after I have used a quality beard wash. Doing so at this time really allows these products to moisturize both my beard and skin under my beard. After I have done this procedure I find alls I need for the next couple of days is a touch up of the oil. It really seems to highlight my beard with a nice sheen and keeps my beard moisturized. I really like the scent of this product as well. It’s a unique blend of eccentric oils, smells great, and truly moisturizes my beard.

Thanks for letting me test it out. I hope I was able to give you enough feedback.So far so good