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Irvine, CA(Perfect Skin Today)7/28/12/—I have always liked the look of the products in the ZO line with their sleek dark blue packaging and now their latest is the Exfoliation Polish. This is a product you use in general twice a week, and it will improve the skin texture along with strong anti-oxidant protection and boost collagen production. The list price is $60 for a 2oz jar.

The doctor behind the Zo line is Dr.Zein Obagi, and he is widely considered one of the leading experts in skin care. What this product does is to slough off dry skin and immediately restores the glow with the use of magnesium crystals. It is a mini at home version of microdermabrasion with the use of four vitamins, A, C, C-esters and E.

Vitamin A increases cellular turnover while boosting collagen production, the two Vitamin C’s protect the skin by reducing free radicals. Vitamin E of course is well known to repair damaged skin cells as well as fighting free radicals.

A good product to go with this might be the ZO Medical Brightenex which is a skin brightener and correcting cream in one. This is the first product that stabilizes pure retinol (1%) and with melanin inhibitors and anti-oxidants with Oleosome technology. They are actually microspheres of anti-oxidant rich emollient oils found in plant seeds.

He also has a Physicians line only of 11 different products, along with numerous anti-aging kits depending how aggressive you need to be. I have also tried his overnight hand recovery cream which is excellent if you are having any issues with dry or rough hands.

If you want to learn more about Dr.Obagi then either visit the excellent web site, or go to see him at his Beverly Hills salon. Even better might be to go to his upcoming groundbreaking skin care symposium to be held at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills Nov 9-11th.

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