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Hollywood,CA(Perfect Skin Today)8/6/12/—Phytomer is a French based company from Saint Malo in Brittany, France, that have recently launched a men’s product line consisting of cleansing gel, after shave balm and a hydra-matifying cream. Being one of the leading Marine cosmetic brand means in the world, means that they utilize seawater, seaweed and seaside plants in all of their products. This made me particularly enthusiastic about trying out Phytomer, because prior dealings with anything seaweed has proved excellent for my skin.

Latest from them is the Age Optimal, a youth cream concentrate for the face and eyes ($78.50 for 50ml) that has a non-oily texture and which is formulated with brown seaweed extracts (Marine Mannitol) that work to oxidate stress. Skin becomes smoother, better toned, and more importantly to most of us, wrinkles appear less deep.

Other two key ingredients in this cream which should be applied every morning and evening after cleaning the skin are Marine Criste Oil and Maritime Lavender. The Oil aka as seaside botanical extract, eliminates dead cells and makes the skin more luminous, and the Lavender relaxes wrinkles by preventing muscle fibers from contracting.

First of all the Facial Control Hydra-Matifying Cream ($48 for 50ml) should be applied in the morning to clean, dry skin and is likely to give the skin an almost immediate glow. Key ingredients you don’t see too often elsewhere here are Marine Oxhylium, Pheohydrane, Marine Oligosaccharide and Mattifying powders that absorbs excess serum.

Of these ingredients, the Oxhylium boosts skin detoxification and increases cellular vitality, and the Pheohydrane acts like a water reserver for the skin trapping water in the stratum corneum. Oligosaccharide are extracts of brown seaweed that regulate seaweed level, that also have anti-inflammatory properties to fight against pimples and blackheads.


The cream is applied after the Global Detoxifying Cleansing Gel ($32.50 for 150ml) which primarily just contains the Oxhylium and the Pheohydrane. The Alcohol free Rasage Perfect After-Shave ($33.50 for 100ml) also contains the Oxhylium, but also includes Oligomer, Plant Extracts and essential oils. Oligomer fortifies the epidermis and helps prevent cellular fatigue and the essential oils are rosemary, sweet marjoram and cypress.

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