Valmont Swiss Skin Care has been helping women and men master the visible signs of ageing





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Cellular cosmetic expert since 1985, Valmont never stops innovating to preserve the beauty capital of women.

Hollywood, CA(Perfect Skin Today)8/22/12/—For more than 25 years, the Valmont Group has been helping women and men master the visible signs of ageing. Heir to traditional Swiss medicine, the company draws from the unspoiled natural resources of Switzerland and the latest cellular cosmetic research findings to formulate utmost anti-ageing skin care products featuring visible and long-lasting efficacy. The group has surrounded itself with the best experts to create extraordinary product ranges, all subtly combining refinement and anti-age efficacy to enhance the beauty of women and men.






About Valmont: Valmont started in 1905 in Switzerland with the country’s first clinic dedicated to health and wellness serving the famed elite. Today, Valmont continues the Swiss medical tradition with its anti-aging molecular based technology and revolutionary Peptides+ cocktail, patented Triple DNA, RNA in liposomes, and signature Swiss glacier water. In 2012, the company launched their first Online store in the US in addition to revamping it overall e-boutique brand in partnership with Le Meurice hotel. The latest product launch is the luxe Time Masters Intensive Program, a unique 28-day skin regime to counteract the signs of time, providing immediate results. The product will debut September 1, retailing at $1,400. 




Valmont is currently available online at, in over 40 select spas nationwide and in more than 40 countries, in addition to exclusive luxury hotel spas and signature stand-alone spas.  For more information, please visit,

Hazelton Health Club & Spa: A mutual commitment for high-end service, Valmont gathers its closest and preferred hotel partners in an international, exclusive and prestigious society: the V35 Club – named as a tribute to Switzerland’s 35 mountain peaks whose height exceeds 4000 meters. As sole V35 member for North America, The Hazelton Hotel stands as an emblematic figure for the Swiss brand, pampering an elitist clientele with tailored service and exceptional expertise, using Valmont as exclusive face line.

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