RENEE TAYLOR NEW immediate face tightening and smoothing serum made with Love “RENEE TAYLOR’S FACE LOVE”









Oscar Nominated & Emmy Winning TV & Film Star Renee Taylor has new instant Face Tightening Anti- Wrinkle Serum Called “Renee Taylor’s Face Love”

This Serum is becoming a huge hit with Men & Women 40 & Over.

Taylor is currently starring art the same time on “Happily Divorced”, How I Met Your Mother”’ “Shake It Up”, Bob’s Burgers”’ and Tyler Perry’s new film “The Marriage Counselor”.


Michael Hepworth

By Mary Starr

Beverly Hills, CA(Perfect Skin Today)11/7/12/— – Oscar nominated, Emmy winning TV & Film star Renee Taylor along with her makeup artist and close friend Cindy Cohen have created a new Anti Wrinkle, Instant Face Tightening Serum called “Renee Taylor’s Face Love” Taylor, is super busy currently starring on “Happily Divorced” on TV Land, “How I met Your Mother” on CBS, “Shake It Up” on Disney, new animated series “Bob’s Burgers” on Fox and Co-Starring in Tyler Perry’s new film “The Marriage Counselor”.




Taylor says “This face serum came from a challenge I made to my makeup artist Cindy Cohen to make my skin look its best. We came up with “Renee Taylor’s Face Love” and the results are amazing! This incredible serum is for women and men 40 and over”. Taylor also says ” I use it daily and I am gettng letters and emails from women and men all over the country who have ordered it online and they are telling me the results are like nothing they have experienced before.”





Cohen says “When Renee challenged me to make her skin look its best, I took it as a personal challenge as a makeup artist to create something that would make her skin look years younger, and we did it.”

Taylor says “You don’t have to go through painful or risky treatments like Botox, face lifts or other invasive procedures to reduce your wrinkles or lack of firmness. You can simply apply “Renee Taylor’s Face Love will instanlty tighten your face and take away wrinkles!




“Renee Taylor’s Face Love” sells for ONLY $49.00 dollars and can be found at

Renee Taylor has one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood, she is married for almost 50 years to film star Joe Bologna.



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