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Hollywood,CA(Perfect Skin Today)12/5/12/—Yes this is from a Japanese company, and the Moisture Veil Balm is a small jar of pure balm made from jojoba seed oil, squalane and shea butter for potent hydration. The Tokyo based company KOH GEN DO have recently launched this on the market to great acclaim after using it in their Secret Door lounge in Japan where actresses would go to get pampered.





Perilla seed oil and avocado oils are added to the 12g jar ($55) for moisture retention and anti-oxidant purposes and to top that, 36 botanical extracts are added to improve the radiance of the skin. Squalane is derived from olives, and is a healing oil that fights a multitude of skin conditions. Perilla seed oil is rich in vitamins, amino and omega-3 fatty acids and seals in moisture and plumps up the skin, while Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A & E and calms inflammation and restores hydration to mature skin.






I can tell you now that this balm is really effective, because the oils absorb deeply and form a protective barrier against environmental conditions. Aside from the face, it also works with elbows and heels and even cuticles that may be a bit ragged.

One other ingredient that we did not mention is licorice which brightens the skin, reverses hyper-pigmentation and maintains the overall balance of the skin because of its anti-septic qualities.


Also available from the company is the UV Care Milk ($42), a moisturizing skin lotion that protects the skin from UV rays. There is a huge list of ingredients associated with this product, although the active ones are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.

The non chemical formula delivers SPF30 protection, and six types of anti-aging ingredients combine to prevent aging and repair damaged skin.


Three types of sphere-shaped powders diffuse light for a soft focus effect, and the milk also covers uneven surfaces, pores and creates a smooth feel. Finally a unique polymer forms a barrier on the skin surface to prevent make up from coming off from sweat and excess oil.


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