Guinot Mens Beauty Products Revitalizing Face Care


By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(PerfectSkinToday)12/29/11/—Guinot men’s beauty products from Paris have a solid reputation within the industry for delivering the unique help that male skin care needs. The five products in the Guinot Men’s line are the Revitalizing Face Care, Serum,  Moisturizing after-shave gel, Facial exfoliating gel, Facial cleansing foam andthe anti-fatigue eye gel.

The packaging is sharp with the dark red/maroon colors and clear wording, and the serum and the revitalizer are more creamy and thicker than most I have used.

The revitalizing face care (50ml) consists of 56 cellular ingredients all listed on the packaging, although you will need a magnifying glass to read them if you are that interested in finding out.

Male sebaceous glands are smaller than women’s, however they actually produce more sebum because of the presence of testosterone. This means that the cleansing process is vital in men’s skin care, and this where the revitalizing face care comes into play. With this, you apply daily to the face immediately after cleaning in the morning, and the 50ml container should last about a month.

The Facial exfoliating gel is a much larger size than the face care at 150ml, and is Menthol based with a large selection of ingredients clearly listed on the tube. It will Ensure a closer shave, and should probably be used no more than twice a week for maximum effect.

The eye-gel revives the eye area and smoothes fine lines around the eye contour, And also contains menthol, anti-dark shadow and anti-puffiness ingredients.

Spa’s who stock Guinot also offer the Hydradermie Skin Care Facial Treatment, an exclusive hour long treatment that deep cleanses the skin and will leave it toned, hydrated and looking fresh. Using all the products in the Guinot line, this will make you feel that you are living the good life in Paris, which can be very good indeed.

Michael Hepworth

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