Simone France Complete Skincare Systems best kept beauty secret for some time.”

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Instant Spa Facial Cleansing: With the Famous “Sandwich” Method


HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)6/9/14/–Yes this lady is originally from France but is now based in New York since way back in the sixties, and the secret about her product is simple enough, it is all about the cleaning. Every morning she suggests that you make the sandwich by first applying the moisturizer. Follow that with dots of refining scrub and massage very gently. Then you add more water to soften the texture and then scrub around any blemishes, although avoid that procedure if you suffer from extra sensitive skin or rosacea.









“Touch & Glow” Facial Cleansing and Makeup Remover For Your Skin Type

Next apply a lather of soap and gently massage, before wetting a signature cleansing cloth with warm water and wiping the skin thoroughly. Then splash the face 15 timesnwith warm water followed by 15 splashes of cold water. Re-apply the moisturizer during the day as needed.









The French Collections: Complete Skincare Systems for Your Skin Type

In the evening, Simone France suggest applying the cleansing milk and lightly massage and then wipe the skin clean with a cleansing cloth. Always splash the face with warm water followed again with the cold.

The Simone France Radiance exfoliating treatment should be applied once a week leaving on your face for a minimum of ten minutes. After removing apply moisturizer.









The product line is small from this company and the packaging is pretty basic, but we find that the products do work good. The product has certainly attracted a fair share of celebrity devotees and has grown through word of mouth since none of the stars have been paid to endorse the brand. All items in the line are natural and organic and sulfate free, and Simone France has been Manhattan’s ‘best kept beauty secret for some time.”








Body Duo: Classic French Skincare for the Body

They were one of the first beauty companies to embrace the internet in 1999, which really put them on the map.


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