The Magical Touch “Rosanne Friel”




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The Magical Touch “Rosanne Friel”

By: Sandee Whiteman

Los Angeles(Perfect Skin Today)7/20/15/–In Los Angeles there are many different facials to experience, but one that stands out in the crowd is nestled in Culver City CA…the lady with the magical touch is Rosanne Friel.

Rosanne trained and began her career in New York City working with some of the best in the business, along with getting voted ‘Best Facial’ ~ Vogue Magazine. A new adventure was right around the corner in Los Angeles. Rosanne was married to an Actor, and he was coming to California to explore a Pilot Season and La Representation. Los Angeles was an easy transition for Rosanne from NYC as many of her celebrity clients lived on both coasts. Her first client in Los Angeles was Kirk Douglas.


She had a longtime passion to explore natural healing and energy medicine and studied with many outstanding doctors /healers over the years. With this knowledge she wanted to pass it down to her others, so she offered complimentary quantum healing sessions for one year for clients, friends or anyone interested in the participation. Upon doing this she gained experience but she also was able to track verifiable changes to the people she worked on in their overall physical, mental and emotional patterns. Radical Changes started to occur and long standing conditions disappeared, and their overall moods were lifted from her Healing Treatments. Now these days, a majority of her skincare clients are requesting energy sessions in addition to their overall Skincare Regime.

Rosanne Friel
Rosanne Friel

I was delighted to come upon Rosanne Friel through a local magazine in Los Angeles. I thought her technique seemed so much more than just your regular facial at your local day spa.

When I met Rosanne, a sense of calmness immediately took over my body. She was so heart warming and she took all my needs and concerns into consideration. Rosanne takes pride in every individual that walks through the door; she connects with them on many levels. Its hard to describe the actual energy session and I’m not sure you can until you experience her ‘Quantum Healing’, but the overall experience had shifted areas of pain I did not know was possible, such as my neck where I had experienced years of frustrating pain, seemed to diminish in a single session.


The facial was the most gentle, yet thoroughly cleansing facial I have had in my entire life. Rosanne’s Signature Aromatherapy Facial is designed to calm, hydrate and restore the skin’s natural balance and beauty. The process begins with exfoliation and steam, extracting is done to cleanse the pores, and her wonderful healing massage is followed by a delicate aromatherapy compress which leaves you in a relaxed state of ahhhhhh…of course every treatment is customized, but trust in Rosanne, she has the hands of an angel. I left looking refreshed, younger, and feeling an overall sense of calmness.

If you are looking for more than laser or a local spa facial, you should embark on a new journey of your own and change your perspective on life from the inside to the outside, the whole experience will transform you, where your skin will be left glowing and fresh, and your mind and body will transform to your one true self.


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