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Interview with Adriana Cervantes (Adrimar Hair Salon)

Gorgeous Summer Hair


By: Sandee Whiteman

Los Angeles(Perfect Skin Today)7/27/15/–Los Angeles, the city of the stars, and endless Beauty… So when it comes to gorgeous locks, you want the best. I was able to get an interview with one of the most prestigious salons Adrimar (co-owner Adriana Cervantes). Adriana Cervantes is one of the most sought after hairstylist in Los Angeles. wanted to know more tips on keeping strands gorgeous in the summer months, so we asked Adriana Cervantes to appeal to our readers below…

Hello Adriana, how are you today on this beautiful summer day in Los Angeles? Can you tell our readers your overall philosophy on hair, such as keeping it healthy at any age?

Adriana Cervantes:

My main recommendation for hair: Never leave the hair wet and then pull it back. The Hair should always be dry, in this case because the hair can become weak and damaged. The reason the hair becomes weak and damaged is because of the humidity that stays in your scalp.

For Example: It is like leaving flowers in a vase for a long period of time. They weaken and they smell and create bacteria, the same thing can happen with hair if left wet and pulled back, as it stays wet and has no way to dry.

It is also not necessary to wash hair everyday, because you do not want it to become dry and the hair stays clean, as long you do not touch the scalp.







What are you tips on dealing with the humidity?

Adriana Cervantes:

If it’s a humid day always use product that helps tame the hair such as “Living Proof” Frizz Leave in Conditioner and “Living Proof” Nourishing style cream it as well helps eliminate frizz and keeps the hair from getting dry on the ends.

A recommendation for style is to finger style and do not use the blow dryer. Just tassel and finger comb through the strands, working with the texture of your natural hair.

Can you share any tips for summer hair?









Adriana Cervantes:

A great tip for summer hair is always having a bottle of Moroccan Oil when you go to the beach. While you are at the beach, you can apply it throughout the day, even once you go into the ocean, keep on applying it just like sunscreen, your hair stays protected and you have a nice beach look.

How do you keep Color Fresh during the summer months and is there a certain Color trend that is hot right now?

Adriana Cervantes:

Any color can work during the summer months, but a hot trend right now is Balayge. It looks and stays well in the sun. You do not need to protect it as much because the results from the sun make it more vibrant in color, like a “Sun Kissed Glow.”

For those whom want extra protection or hair are brittle, I recommend “Living Proof” PhD 5-in-1 styling treatment this ads smoothness, volume, condition, polish and protection all in one product. It helps keep the hair strong.






During the summer a lot of women tend to wear their hair pulled back whether it be in a bun or ponytail, are there any new clever tips you could share for alternatives?

Adriana Cervantes:

I would like to share the tip of using bobby pin and wrapping small pieces around the hair and working with the texture to create a nice soft feminine look.

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So, we all want to know living in Los Angeles, how do we get that perfect beach wave?

Adriana Cervantes:

For the perfect beach wave, there is a new product on the market by “Living Proof” called Frizz Humidity Shield. , You get 6x more humidity protection and is good for all hair types and hairstyles, it also protects against UV Damage static control.

While using this product, with your fingers tassel your hair while its wet and use a blow-dryer on low, and you can also use bobby pins to mold and create the artistic textures with your hair naturally, this will also help create beach waves.

Adriana, thank you for your time today we appreciate you helping us understand some hair care tips for the summer. But, before we conclude this interview, are there any promotions you are offering this summer to appeal to our readers to come to Adrimar?

Adrimar Cervantes.

Thank you and yes at Adrimar, we offer a $30 walk in blow dry. We also offer the Brazilian Blowout for $150, which helps prevents all frizz from the humidity.












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