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By: Sandee Whiteman


Los Angeles(Perfect Skin Today)8/10/15/–Summer, the season we wait for all year long, lounge by the pool, soak up the sun at the beach, and take hikes through nature. Lets face it; to our skin the summer months are considered stress. wanted to get the summer scoop on skin care, so we caught up with one of our favorite sought after esthetician in Los Angeles, Seti Mayet, from Enliven Skin & Body. Seti has worked with some names in Hollywood, but she is also the Tech-Skin Superstar serving up Silicone Beach patrons

Q: Hello Seti, its summer summer- time, are you feeling the heat? We are and our readership have been wondering how do we get that sun kissed glowing skin without the stress?


A: Exfoliating regularly is a simple and time-effective way to achieve glowing skin. More often than not, people tend to think of their exfoliator as a “special occasion” or “when I’m experiencing a breakout treatment” when in fact, its one of the best ways to keep acne at bay by decongesting pores and helping to regulate excess sebum production that can lead to breakouts. Additionally, regular exfoliation increases cellular turnover and boots hydration by ridding the skin of excess dead skin layers which can act as a barrier to nutritive products like moisturizers and serums. And finally, exfoliating also helps prevent ingrown hairs that often leave unsightly blemishes all resulting in a brighter complexion and more even skin tone. Microdermabrasion, enzymatic or specialty peels that vary in strength are great professional choices.

Q: What is your best advice you like to give to your clients during the summer month on a skin care regime?









A: Prepare. Just as we dig out our cozy sweaters and warmer blush palettes for winter and fall, we need to think about how to protect and beautify summer skin that is exposed to more sun. A few things to think about are:

  1. Increase your SPF especially, if you’ve been completely relying on the protection in your make-up that isn’t going to be high enough for extended day light savings sun and rarely contain broad-spectrum protection.
  1. Speaking of make-up, your lovely light-medium foundation is no longer going to be a perfect match to your now more golden sun kissed skin tone so adjust your foundation and powder to avoid the cake-face look.
  2. Keep extra sun protection in your car (store in a cool, dark place) along with a hat or sun visor in preparation for impromptu hiking, beach or pool party invitations. Also, throw out old tubes of sunscreen. If you’re not sure, test to see if its smells funny or the texture is funky.
  3. Lighten up. Your creamy cleanser and nourishing moisturizer may feel too rich in warmer and perhaps humid weather. If you’re using a skin care line you love, invest in their gel or foam cleanser and lightweight or oil-free moisturizer. Consult with your skin care therapist on how to mix and match within the line to get the most of your home regimen

Q: When is sunscreen necessary? Is there a special one for each skin type?








A: Sunscreen is essential most every day as incidental sun exposure (example, running errands and driving/sitting in traffic) is the culprit behind our high incidence of cumulative sun damage. Sunscreen works by combining organic and inorganic active ingredients. Inorganic ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium oxide reflect or scatter ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Organic ingredients like octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) or oxybenzone absorb UV radiation, dissipating it as heat. Most sun-protection products on the market are a combination of both organic and inorganic ingredients because the formulation provides broad-spectrum protection.

THE NEW HIP SPOT… Enliven Skin & Body a magical Spa
THE NEW HIP SPOT… Enliven Skin & Body a magical Spa










This being said, it has been my observation that sensitive, acne-prone and young skin (under age 12) is much more tolerant of formulations that lean more towards “blocks” (e.g. titanium dioxide and zinc oxides) than “screens” (octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) or oxybenzone). Further, there are great oil-free choices that also contain antioxidants to help treat skin. Two of my favorite brands are Coola SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish, Baby SPF 50 Moisturizer and Glotherapeutics Solar Shade SPF 50 and Oil-Free SPF 40+Sunscreen.

Q: What if a person has UV damage is there a tool or facial that can reverse?


A: Corrective Skin Peels in concert with LED therapy is very effective. I also incorporate professional Vitamin C treatments to heighten the results.

Q: What if you are prone to breakouts and the summer humidity is not helping the cause, what is some advice you could share to keep that flawless complexion?


A: Again, modifying your skin care regimen in terms of product use, taking care to exfoliate on a regular basis, keeping your body hydrated by drinking enough water that includes re-hydrating after exercise, alcohol and coffee consumption. And finally, regular facials even in the form of half hour focused treatments, which is a great option for your schedule and wallet; these are all essential steps in keeping your skin looking youthful.

Q: Working professionals that need to wear makeup daily, is there a makeup you would recommend during the summer months that would also help with keeping the skin Gorgeous?


A: I must admit, my expertise is revealing beautiful skin as opposed to covering it up. But Jane Iredale who is an industry pioneer in mineral make-up, which I prefer due its ability to allow the skin to breath, is among the very best.

Q: Thank you Seti for your time, we appreciate having this interview with you, but before we go, would you like to tell us any other tips you would like to share with our readers on skincare, and also if your business is offering in promotions during the summer to keep the Skin Beautiful?


A: Sure. When it comes to your health that is reflected in the vibrancy of your skin, resist the temptation to go on autopilot. Watch, observe and adjust. For even better long-term results, partner with a skilled skin care professional who is invested in helping you achieve and maintain your very best skin.

Currently, we are featuring an Ultrasonic Flower Enzyme Facial designed to power treat sensitive skin and our There Goes the Sun Facial to brighten the skin with a corrective peel, light therapy and high potency Vitamin C masque. I love to gift my top clients with new treatments and I’m thrilled to share that they’ve experienced glowing results from both facials.

Enliven Skin & Body is located in the heart of Silicone Beach area of Los Angeles. It is the perfect spot to go and get a 30-minute refresher facial or to have a little down time and experience a full 80-minute facial with some additional perks for the skin. If your looking for that perfect complexion call Seti.





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