The Luxury of Beauty (Tikkun Hollistic Spa )


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The Luxury of Beauty


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(Tikkun Hollistic Spa )


By: Sandee Whiteman


Santa Monica(Perfect Skin Today)9/3/15/–We all dream of a perfect complexion, that flawless look, such as Cindy Crawford or Kim Kardashin, but how do we achieve it? In Santa Monica California there is hidden gem known as Tikkun Holistic Spa.

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They specialize in the leading edge skin and body care, and it is no exception when it comes to the skin care products they take pride in using on their clients. One of their specialty products “Karen’s “ is used in their revolutionary skin treatments.

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Karen Chae is the founder and president of “Karen’s skin products and she brought a new treatment recently to Tikkun to share with the clients, but also all of Los Angeles. It is known as “Stem Cell Treatment”, the treatment is a new, safe, Plant based, chemical free, state of the art procedure to help bring back your youthful skin, or if you suffer from acne and scars this is also a great procedure to use to help reduce and minimize your acne over a series of treatments.

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The “Stem Cell” Treatment begins with a numbing cream that is applied all over the face and neck areas for 40 minutes to assure you are comfortable during the procedure. After 40 minutes, your esthetician, in this case was the lovely “Karen” herself doing the demonstration on me, will come in show you the micro needle they will be using on your face. This is a small device, which delivers tiny needle pricks to stimulate the skins surface will be applied along with “Karen’s”. Specialty product Plant Stem Cells The device will be adjusted accordantly during the treatment if your skin is sensitive or if there is any discomfort, as the treatment should be comfortable. After the micro-needling is performed with the Stem Cells that will stimulate the cells of the facial surface, your next process will involve a nice gentle cleanse after you will be applied with a nice cooling ultrasound with the a array of Serums packed with antioxidants to help reduce redness, build collagen and g


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You that overall natural glow to the skin. The final steps to procedure will be a nice cooling mask, along with a double-layered Rubber Mask, followed with a CC cream. After the treatment, you can expect so see redness similar to sunburn along with peeling over the next three to seven days, depending on your skin type. But, after seven days you will see glowing results, and expect see them as time goes by, as you will see immediate results from the first treatment, but to maintain that overall complexion, you are recommended to keep up with your esthetician to make a plan for your specific overall skin care. “Karen’s” skin care products are also recommended to take home for your daily skin care regime.

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Overall, the new treatment at Tikkun Holistic Spa “Stem Cell Treatment” is the new wave to our Angel skin and to that Flawless complexion like Kim Kardashin. So book your next treatment with them, and experience this new Luxury of Beauty.

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Tikkun Holistic Spa. Located in Santa Monica CA. 310.319.1111.







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