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By: Sandee Whiteman



Venice,CA(Perfect Skin Today)5/24/16/–Looking for that perfect sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects? Well look no more, located on the quaint street of Abbot Kinney, in Venice California there is a boutique organic spray tan that will keep you glowing from head to toe all year long. The boutique store is known as Lavish Tan. Lavish Tan has been featured in top magazine publications and on countless number of TV Shows, as well as the to go to place for Celebrities in Los Angeles.













Lavish Tan has patented their own technology to bring an outstanding product to the market of organic spray tan. By using a brown sugar/apple based spray solution that has no preservatives or chemicals they can achieve a golden brown/sun kissed glow every-time. The product not only gives you a great tan whether you are prepping for vacation, a wedding or an event., but this solution also helps with any imperfections with their technology and airbrushing it will help cover up small varicose veins or bruises or any other small imperfections you may be feeling less confident about. It’s great to use while you are pregnant or nursing your baby because there are no harmful side effects because of their organic solution.










The process of the treatment is very easy, as you are led to a room and asked what customized color you are looking to achieve. Since the color is customized to each individual skin tone. Whether you wish to achieve a light, medium, or dark result, the color will always appear to a very natural bronzed color. After choosing you will then be asked to turn side to side for each body part to get an even glow, after that is done, you will look in the mirror and see a beautiful sun kissed glow person staring at you, and make sure you do not cry or get wet in the next 5 to 7 hours as you do not want to ruin that glow with any streaks…

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Lavish Tan is not only marketed to the public but also for wholesale or retail for other airbrushing tanning businesses that are looking for an organic solution for clients. This is great to skin care industry because it helps to market an organic product with great end results. Next time you are looking for a beautiful glow? Book your appointment at Lavish Tan…. Great Pricing with Great End Result…

For more information and pricing visit their website at

Located at 1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90291 (on second floor).