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. Founder Made Consumer Discovery Show West 2018

Hot New Products


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Santa  Monica,CA (Perfect Skin Today) 10/30/18/–This year October 4, 2018, The FounderMade Consumer Discovery Show lite up the Santa Monica Barker Hangar.  There are many conventions, beauty shows, beauty summits from the east to west coast, how can one person keep up? Traveling and paying for admission to some of these attractions can drain the bank account unless it is worth it.

FounderMade’s Consumer Discovery Show (CDS) just may be that one summit worth the asking price.  The Consumer Discovery Show in Los Angeles commenced at Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar, which showcased over 200 exhibitors. Innovative brands in the wellness, food, and beauty space presented their current brand initiatives and launched the latest updates. I

FounderMade is a significant consumer business networking platform that connects building opportunities between best-in-class brands. CDS consists of panels, fireside chats, and keynote speakers all in one marketplace while creating networking opportunities for businesses to build distribution, sales, financing, and strategic partnerships.

Some of the newest brands in the beauty business debuted some of the most tech-savvy, innovative, and thought-provoking products for consumers to dabble with for years to come. Beauty Dabble had their fair share of learning about beauty brands with insight as to what is of importance for the future ahead.

Here is a list of beauty brands that have exciting new products from CDS Los Angeles.

Amereta Beauty

This all-natural beauty brand focuses on skin health and creates products that use organic ingredients with the purpose of bringing vibrancy to your skin on a cellular level.

Why this Founder Made partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?  Literally, there is a new skincare line that pops up daily. It is always some sort of ingredient and blah blah blah about why it will block 100 UV rays when really it will block your pores and is affordable at a price of $125.00.

This product discusses something simple and a true concept of life, that if taken into consideration when choosing skin care systems- Hormones. Amereta Beauty products believe that changing hormones is one of the biggest factors in changing skin conditions. They believe that skin should be supported as it adapts each day and be treated at every point of a hormonal cycle. Amereta believes that you should sync beauty rituals with hormonal phases, as change is to be embraced.



Cle Cosmetics

Cle Cosmetics is another all-natural brand that focuses on delivering purifying, moisturizing, and soothing emulsions, that bring life to your skin through a variety of cosmetic makeup products.

Why this FounderMade partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?

Cle Cosmetics is best because it is basic, yet most useful for every day on the go gal. Guided by the belief there is truth in imperfection and freedom in simplicity, CL? Cosmetics is a minimalist lifestyle brand designed to support the contemporary woman with self-care basics pursuing the fullest expression of her personal power and sensuality. This is a line that makes you feel beautiful in your simple state. Cle celebrates that. They do not over think it, they just believe in what women wore for decade upon decade in their natural state.

Glam Palm

Glam Palm is the world’s first motion-activated flat-iron to turn on and adjust the temperature. This super technology-integrated brand just gets the fact that I have no time to push buttons when I’m pushing the clock in the morning.

Why this FounderMade partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?

First off- this is the world’s thinnest flat iron and their ceramic plates are infused with rare and patented Healing Stone™ Technology that promotes overall health and minimizes the damage often associated with heat styling. Not only do Their products prevent damage, but they also provide benefits for overall hair health.  Many products on the market use what is called “Nano Silver Technology.”  Research shows that these nanoparticles are potentially toxic.  They may damage hair and even negatively affect skin on the neck and face that the iron is used around.

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Nutrafol is a new and unique indigestible product that helps to aid hair growth in both men and women. The best part is that they’ve created distinct formulas for he and she that target what’s needed for their hair growth and health.

Why this FounderMade partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?

Who needs hair growth surgery when you can take oral tablets that are non-toxic, pure plant ingredients and are clinically efficacious. The Nutrafol technologies isolate the most active part of plants and concentrate them for extra potency in standardized amounts. In particular, the ashwagandha in Nutrafol is known for its high content of stress-adaptogenic bioactive. It was clinically tested and proven to decrease levels of cortisol (a hair damaging stress hormone) by up to 30.5% in chronically stressed adults! How perfect is this for any busy entrepreneur.

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type: A

type: A is a unique aluminum-free and sweat activated deodorant cream that comes in both unscented, as well as a crisp citron scent that is subtle and is made with natural ingredients that protect your underarms. type: A strives to promote leading healthy lives and make safer choices wherever. Skin is the largest organ and absorbs whatever we put into it, as well as our underarms, in particular, are a sensitive area full of nodes, glands, and arteries.  It is important to use a non-toxic, non- aluminum antiperspirants.

Why this FounderMade partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?

Every ingredient in type: A deodorant serves a purpose, which is a formula that is free from traditional preservatives, and still passes the industry-standard preservative efficacy test. Think to yourself a better way to be using an everyday deodorant.

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Rose & Abbott

Rose & Abbott is a skin care company based in Southern California. This skin care brand applies cutting-edge technology and a designed method to deliver plant-based formulas made 100% for your skin type and needs. They have developed a customized formula created from a precise algorithm-based quiz and the ingredients are sourced from refreshing botanicals to connect you with the rejuvenating elements of the earth.

Why this FounderMade partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?

CDS LA not only supports local and regional brands something right for the masses. Rose & Abbott are doing just that. Based out of Santa Monica Rose & Abbott’s professional team from all over the world believes that taking care of your skin is part of your self-love ritual. Their high-end technology allows customers to formulate around 10,000 different compositions to treat and nurture your skin. This vegan skincare product possesses ingredients that are vegan and remain free of parabens, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers, and synthetic fragrances.

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CRUDE skincare takes a natural approach to skincare, giving nature’s healing systems the credit, they deserve. Inspired by ancient cleansing techniques, their entire line of plant-based products is completely free of soap, detergent, synthetic chemicals, and harsh exfoliates — formulated with simple, botanical ingredients to “leave no trace” on the skin and its delicate ecosystems.

Why this FounderMade partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?

FounderMade’s CDS LA show is allowing the visitor, buyer, and founder to see what is considered as the next step in all genres. Crude skincare is that brand. They are a leading brand that explains how the environment impacts our body and skin. CRUDE’s plant-based products have helped thousands of customers around the world heal their acne, rosacea, eczema, and even bacterial vaginosis. It is for all skin types, ages, and genders. Shop link:


Volo Beauty


Volo beauty focuses on one thing – perfecting the chemistry of drying hair. Their innovative and health-driven technology comes in the form of two products – a towel and a cordless blow dryer. The Towel is unique because its fiber pattern is really gentle for your hair, it’s super absorbent so cuts down on drying time by 50%.

Why this FounderMade partner seen at the Consumer Discover Show is on to something right?

The Blow-dryer is the world’s first fully cordless dryer and features a soft infrared heat core that blows warm air that is not harsh. This product has not launched yet, but it plans to very soon, however, head to their Kickstarter and learn about how you can get your hands on one of these hair-saving products.







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