SKIN 2 SKIN CARE Smart Anti-Aging

 By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(PerfectSkinToday)1/8/12/—This Palm Springs based company was started by skin care specialist Ken Simpson just a few years ago, and already the company has won 11 beauty awards for its organic and vegan free line. The products can be used by both men and women.

There is a strong human interest angle here, as Simpson’s life suddenly changed in 2005 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Radiation treatment eventually cured him, but not without a severe effect on his skin, which became discolored, sore, raw, broken out and very dry. It was at this time that he formulated his first product at home, the Aging Intervention Cream. This immediately improved his skin and the company was born.

We checked out three of their products including the Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub ($30), the Anti-Aging SPF 30 Face tint ($44) and the Anti-Sagging Renewal serum ($65). so you can see that the prices are competitive in this era of out of control skin care prices.

Of course a small company has to stay competitive, so here are some of the basic facts about the ingredients used in Skin2Skin. 100% Toxic Free, Certified Organic, Honeysuckle Preservative and Biodegradable. No parabens, petroleum, Phthatates, Sulfites, mineral oils, paraffin.

Ingredients include Shea Butter, Alpha Lipoid Acid, Vitamins A,C and E, Soy Protean, Certifed Organic White Tea, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Pomegranate. Celebrity endorsements include quite a few soap opera and cable TV actors such as Eva LaRue who loves the face scrub, Marisa Ramirez, Maya Rivera, Sean Kanan and Morganne Picard.

Michael Hepworth

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