Bed Time Hollywood Style

So Cal Curls California company has come out with hair wrap that curls hair,       Michael Hepworth                         By Cheri Fox   HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today) 9/12/17/–Getting ready for bed Hollywood Style is all about having a great night time routine filled […]

The Summer of 2017 Skin Treats: Green Goo Face Wash Infused with olive oil and Vitamin E

  Michael Hepworth     By Cheri Fox HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today) 8/16/17—This Summer of 2017 treat your skin to something new and gooey ? Yes this new product Green Goo Face Wash is exactly that ; its a green goo and it feels very gooey upon application ; but after getting used to the […]

Anita Patrickson, Olivia Culpo and Sarah Boyd attend the International Style Institute

  Michael Hepworth                                 By Cheri Fox West Hollywood(Perfect Skin Today)10/28/16/–On October 21-13 Olivia Culpo, Louise Roe, Amanda Steele, renowned celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson and many other key influencers and content creators in the fashion, beauty, food and tech industries held classes at the  International Style […]

“Kaleidoscope Award” Halle Berry & Goldie Hawn “Life is Beautiful” Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

        Michael Hepworth               By Cheri Fox Culver City,CA(Perfect Skin Today)4/7/15/–Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry and Goldie Hawn celebrate Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA 3rd Kaleidoscope Ball Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA celebrated its Third Annual Kaleidoscope Ball on Saturday, May 2, 2015. The event was presented […]