Pomega 5: The Healing Powers of Pomegranate oil ancient medicine

Pomega 5: The Healing Powers of Pomegranate oil




By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(PerfectSkinToday)12/18/11/–—The Pomega5 line of natural beauty products have recently launched some new Lines with advanced formulations with biodynamic and organic ingredients as As well as a botanical emulsification system. What that means to the layman is ultra effective results based on my use of the daily revitalizing concentrate Ampoules ($48) that really work effectively all day.

You just cut the top off and carefully squeeze on the face in the morning, and that will keep the face fresh and moisturized all day. However you only get 30 ampoules in the jar making it imperative that you order more than one jar at a time to avoid the risk of running out. The California company based out of San Anselmo have merged modern science And ancient medicine with biodynamic farming. The restorative healing powers of pomegranate are no big secret, but these products are produced in small batches with pure Omega 5 extracted from the cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil.

It is the only known botanical form of Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLnA), an Immune support compound that overrides the inflammatory response of skin. Over 100 additional fatty acids are used in the mixture and utilize a fruit based emulsification system, which includes guar gum and glucose.

All this good stuff has been created by the Pomega5 founder Tzeira Sofer, an Israeli who originally developed the line in her kitchen. The company has made giant strides since those early days and new products include the Bulgarian Rose Beauty Bar, Green Tea Cleansing Bar, Velvet Hydrating Cream, Night Repair Serum, Lifting Serum and Eye Contour Cream. All feature a higher percentage of biodynamic ingredients for a more potent effectiveness.

No celebrity/actress affiliations to my knowledge, but once these diva’s get their hands on this stuff they will snap it up for sure.


Michael Hepworth