Stem Cell Beauty Innovations (SCBI) anti-aging skin care products from Beverly Hills


By Michael Hepworth

Beverly Hills,CA(PerfectSkinToday)2/5/12/—The press release claims that this product is the new, hottest rage for skincare. Now we all realize that anti-aging skin care products claim a lot, and because the industry is so competitive, any edge in marketing has to be grabbed at. What Stem Cell Beauty Innovations (SCBI) have going for them is the celebrity angle. HoweverIf you try and check them out on the web you might come up with the site of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, but the link below will eventually get you to the right place.

Emmy week in Los Angeles saw a host of products vying for the attention of every actress and actor who walked the red carpet, and SCBI gave facials to any actress who wanted one, and how many would turn that opportunity down. I declined the invitation myself, and I do not have any statistics about how man celebs actually showed up for the freebie.

SCBI have a small product line, but they all incorporate O-Placenta, which in scientific terms is a Placenta that uses umbilical cord tissue cells that are harvested from New Zealand mountain sheep, post birth. The scientists claim no harm comes to the sheep, and for that we have to take their word for it.

SCBI is supposed to eliminate or reduce Rosacea and Psoriasis which in itself is a good thing, and the first doctor to use SCBI was Dr.Harold Lancer of Beverly Hills. He just happens to be the dermatologist for Oprah Winfrey, and he is a firm believer in Sheep Stem Cells to help the overall look of the skin. According to him, “The latest development in skin care is using Sheep Stem Cells, amniotic cells to produce new proteins and signaling proteins designed to make the skin more radiant.”

The serum is surprisingly thick and you only need a little to have an effect. If you are like me and tend to use too much at a time, then using SCBI could turn out to be very expensive fix.


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