ESSIO is the world’s first aromatherapy diffuser for showers







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Worlds first Aromatherapy diffuser

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ESSIO transforms shower to Spa

By Cheri Fox 

HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)6/3/15/–ESSIO is the world’s first aromatherapy diffuser for shower;  the shower kit works by attaching arm to most showers to diffuse 100% organic essential oils into the water stream; The ESSIO aromatherapy shower kit actually turns your shower into aromatherapy spa experience.

The ESSIO product is a cleverly designed by founder and CEO Peter Friis  came up with the original idea and brought the concept to market ; It is an attachable shower arm with interchangeable essential oil pods which diffuse the included 100% pure organic essential oils into your showers stream of water and then creating a wonderful aromatherapy experience in the privacy of your own shower; filling full of steam, scented with 100% pure organic essential oils;

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I was surprised how easy it was to attach in the shower ; even with my custom designed shower arm ; the ESSIO shower attachment just snapped on with one sound of a click to the arm and with one twist of the essential oil pod and then voila , turned on the water and within a few seconds the steam created by the shower was infused with the scent of 100% pure organic essential oils .

There are three scented essential oil pods included in the ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit ,these three combinations include ; Breathe, Passion and Unwind ;

ESSIO breathe pods include a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus it clears up sinuses and decreases congestion ; great when your fighting a cold too ~

The Passion pod includes a blend of mandarin orange lavender and patchouli to create a sensual aroma that arouses the body’s senses.

The Unwind pod includes a blend of citrus and spice and floral tones creating lightness and restorative blend promoting stress relief.

The unwind was my personal favorite after a long day the end on the night shower infused with the “unwind” pod with stress relief blend seemed to enhance a deeper nights sleep.

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The ESSIO Aromatherapy kit is made entirely using naturally extracted plant essentials paraben free, no oily residue or no animal testing .  Info








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