AVENE NUTRI-REDENSIFYING DAY CREAM “The power of thermal water”



The power of thermal water

By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(PerfectSkinToday)2/19/12/—This Serenage Day Cream is relatively new having hit the shelves in August 2011, and at $47 is formulated for mature skin to address loss of firmness, dermal density and nourishment. The texture is nice and silky, is parabens free and hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

If you are not too familiar with the company behind the product, then they date back to 1975 when Pierre Fabre, now the second-largest pharmacological company in France bought the land and the spring water in the Saint-Odile region of the Cevennes Mountains. It was widely known that the thermal water in the area had healing properties, and the 300 or so tests held by Pierre Fabre and independent researchers have validated that fact.

The water is low in mineral content, rich in silica and bacteriologically pure. It is known to be perfect for skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Saying that, the Avene Day Cream contains 52% of this water, with the other main ingredients being Glycoleol (2%), Hyaluronic Acid Fragments (H.A.F. 0.5%), Pre-Tacopheryl (0.05%) and Micronized pearlescent particles. It also goes without saying that this product is perfect for combating dry cutaneous type skin, and probably more effective in the winter months.

The Avene Dermatological Hydrotherapy Center sees 4,000 patients a year, and the Eau Thermal Avene skincare line was launched in 1990 to help people all over the world with skin care issues.

Glycoleol works to infuse skin with linoleic acid to help strengthen a weak skin barrier. H.A.F.  helps retain moisture, and also aids the accumulation of moisture to restore firmness and volume to mature skin. Finally the pearlescent particles reflect light to give the skin a younger looking healthy glow.

Also highly recommended from the line are Avene serum (containing 70% Thermal Water), Avene Night Cream which regenerates the skin at night with Arginine, and Avene TriAcneal which has been specially formulated for those with severe skin imperfections. Packaging is very functional on all the products and easy to use and the pump does not jam up or breakdown which happens a lot more than you would think.


This outstanding product is available online through Avene and at Skincare.com and Drugstore.com. Selected retailers include Duane Reed, Blue Mercury and Beauty Collection (California).



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