The Summer of 2017 Skin Treats: Green Goo Face Wash Infused with olive oil and Vitamin E



Michael Hepworth



By Cheri Fox
HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today) 8/16/17—This Summer of 2017 treat your skin to something new and gooey ? Yes this new product Green Goo Face Wash is exactly that ; its a green goo and it feels very gooey upon application ; but after getting used to the gooey application feel and with hot water to rinse the natural infused olive oil and vitamin E make a very nice clean smooth feeling refreshed skin; The sister product although not gluten free is green goo infused with lavender and oatmeal to make for a fragrant creamy exfoliating bar;

Brighten your summer morning with an oatmeal exfoliating bar of soap from Green Goo. Swap out your shower gel for a breed of natural, luxurious lavender oatmeal bar soap enriched with palm oil and crafted with a 35 day Cold Process, which ensures a super creamy, extra gentle and long-lasting bar guaranteed to pamper your skin!

Natural oils are great for the skin to keep your face looking and feeling healthy. With Green Goo’s face wash you won’t strip away those natural oils your body needs. Infused with olive oil and Vitamin E, it will gently dissolve harmful dirt and makeup without the harsh drying chemicals found in soap. Green Goo face wash leaves the skin feeling clean and radiant without clogging pores!













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