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So Cal Curls California company has come out with hair wrap that curls hair,





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By Cheri Fox


HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today) 9/12/17/–Getting ready for bed Hollywood Style is all about having a great night time routine filled with best  products that are like Emmy winners!!


What I mean is best of essentials, for clearer skin, smoother skin, voluminous hair and good rest. The best supporting products to make the most of the evening and catch up on restorative sleep Hollywood style ;























First we start by nourishing the skin on the face from the outside in with Vernal Beauty – this product goes on really smooth and you can feel the cleanse after a hot and cold skin rinse ; the products are super antioxidant and USDA certified  organic skincare line.













Vernal beauty‘s belief that skincare should contribute to your natural beauty – not compromise it – Vernal Beauty products are made with a 100% custom-formulated organic formula, exotic cold-pressed oils, super-fruits and plant-based botanical extracts, all of which are ethically and sustainably sourced, as well as safe and non-toxic.














It is important to know your using good clean products to make you look and feel better with healthy ingredients ; Now to clean the body I tried 














Bump it Off in the shower or tub to scrub away any old dry flaky skin or self tanner or rough spots away ; and get ready for your night time snuggle.

The impressive brightly purple or blue colored rubber design mitt also has a double purpose one for the bath and one for the kitchen scrubbing ;

Although most Hollywood women won’t be scrubbing too many pots and pans the rubber bump it off scrubber is fabulous in the tub with your favourite salt or sugar scrubs and quickly sloughs the rest of a spray tan off and is reusable ; For a voluminous Hollywood hairdo














SoCal Curls California company has come out with hair wrap that curls hair, that can be used with the heat of the microwave for quick use or wrap up hair for overnight use;

The cute trendy fabric colored curls wrap literally wraps around your hair and then ties in front of your head ;

With some careful precision one may be able to get all their hair into the wrap mode I have several layers so ; their sort of many strands that fall out but once you secure wrap all the hair you can tie the knot 😉

The wrap look is stylish for bed and doesn’t look like your wearing a head full of curlers just a stylish fabric wrap that produces beachy voluminous tossed and tussled looking hair especially in the hot summer nights ; this looks is literally a modern twist on the overnight curler ; attached is video to see how to wrap your hair up !









Having a dreampad helps to get a good nights sleep ; its the pillow with personal music in the cushion not the actor in the photo 😉 but a good looking man without facial hair can be beneficial to a goodnight sleep Hollywood style too ; lol more on the dream pad later ;












ZizzyBee Bags help you store and organize just about anything…from toiletries, diapers/wipes, make-up and travel accessories ;

Organizing all the essentials is essential and putting all favorites in this see through bag can double as cosmetic case or for biz organizer  even throw in your lunch small medium and large sizes with cute fabric print borders ; great way to be environmentally friendly reduce wasting plastic bags !! .

So here you have it tips to get ready for bed Hollywood style ;




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