Holiday Gift Guide for Quick Fix Beauty Tips sure to put a smile on their face


Michael Hepworth


Holiday Gift Guide for Quick Fix Beauty Tips

By Cheri Fox

These beauty products will be sure to put a smile on their face when they open their gift!

HOLLYWOOD (Perfect Skin Today) 11/17/17/–Long lushes eyelashes in a swoop of a mascara bristle from Down Under Australia’ s Number 1 beauty selling product ; Fluffy next day hair freshen up  !! Clear up skin tone erase imperfections and Ultra foundation !


Make magic happen! Instantly create super long full lashes and transform your fresh faced summer makeup look like never before. All you’ve ever wanted from a mascara is here with the new leader of the next generation of mascaras; with Mirenesse’s Secret Weapon Supreme 24Hr Mascara! This is a perfect stocking stuffer! Who doesn’t need a go to mascara!?

Australia’s #1 online beauty brand Mirenesse and their Secret Weapon Supreme 24Hr Mascara. This award-winning mascara uses an innovative ultra-light stretchable elastic-gel to create glossier, longer, fuller lashes that are out of this world.

Weapon Supreme 24Hr Mascara Highlights:Non Toxic Water resistant, Doesn’t clump, Won’t flake, smudge, or smear, Nourishes lashes with a water-based formula and organic wax

Free of common eye irritants, including alcohol, parabens, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and mineral oil Triples lash length with a specially-tapered brush that curves to reach the smallest lashes, Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers


Not only was their Secret Weapon Mascara their flagship product, it continues to wow with one sold every 3 minutes.

Mixed Chicks:

For years, multi-cultural people with hard to manage hair traveled from store to store, trying to blend products in a hopeless attempt to tame their locks. Wendi LEVY (left) and Kim ETHEREDGE (right), two “mixed chicks”, created a product line because they needed it. Then, something happened…friends and family started encouraging them to package it, and soon they had a full blown business running out of the garage. After a little door to door hustling, a few celebrity endorsements, and a ton of online customer support, MIXED CHICKS is bringing their products to the world.

Mixed Chicks “Morning After” Redefining Foam is a great gift to give this year! This is the solution for flat, dry, next day, hangover hair. There is no need to rewash your hair, brush it, dry it, and curl it. Instead, re-energize those curls with Mixed Chicks “Morning After” Redefining Foam. Take a few pumps and apply to your dry hair to bring it back to life! It easy and convenient and great to have when you’re in a time crunch in the mornings!


FACE Atlier:

FACE atelier Ultra Foundation



















FACE atelier is Cruelty free makeup  Made in Canada

Ultra Foundation, the heart and soul of FACE atelier and the star of the line, is an innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control. It’s a highly pigmented, long-lasting innovative foundation that provides build able coverage with a natural satin finish. No primer needed! It’s built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula. Another bonus – it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish and has soft-focus properties that diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Silicone-based Ultra Foundation is sheer enough for younger women, yet can meet the needs of anyone that requires more coverage. It’s an out-standing performer on mature, troubled or sensitive skin. Due to its unique blend of silicone in the formulation, Ultra Foundation forms a delicate, lightweight and flexible second skin with a natural breathing ability. Read more about silicone.

Offering 16 shades, Ultra Foundation is AGE and RACE NEUTRAL, including 5 unique color adjustors – Zero Minus, Zero Plus, Zero Plus Plus and Heat. The adjusters will lighten or darken a shade as desired. Superstar Heat can be used to warm them up and doubles as an ideal blush for women of color.  The result is your very own custom foundation all year round, even as your skin tone changes with the seasons. Moisture, heat and sebum resistant.

Watch the incomparable Kevin James Bennett demo and discuss Ultra Foundation!





Ultra Foundation, the heart and soul of FACE atelier

Fabulously flexible, FACE atelier’s silicone-based Ultra Camouflage Duet virtually erases imperfections and those pesky dark circles that have taken up residence beneath your eyes. Each Ultra Camouflage Duet has two color-matched shades that work in perfect harmony with FACE atelier Ultra Foundation. Ultra Camouflage Duet provides long-wearing, buildable coverage. The silicone in the formula guarantees that it will not flake, dry or crack.

Meet ERASE – an innovative new shade that literally erases dark purple and blue under-eye circles and bruises. Using the mango-red shade, cover the area you want to conceal. Then neutralize it by gently covering it with the pure white shade. Really dark bruises may require you to repeat the process. At this point, you could apply a light dusting of Ultra or Pressed Loose Powder to set Erase. Regardless, that area is ready for an application of foundation or a concealer that matches your skin. Pat it on – don’t swipe!   Go to The PRO TIPS tab for more information.

ERASE is a must-have if you like to contour! Before applying foundation, a light layer of the white side of ERASE will highlight an area – like your cheekbones –  as well as making it much easier to conceal hyper-pigmentation on Caucasian skin.

“This concealer is one of my faves because it has the same silicone-base as the popular Ultra Foundation. The only difference is that it’s heavier and much creamier. The creamy texture is just right for concealing those pesky pimples yet not too heavy for the under eye area. I like to also use this in place of a foundation for those that have close-to-flawless skin. Good for all skin types.”