Skin Authority GO! Gorgeous Kit; Powerful, Pure and Portable Skin Care


GO! Gorgeous Kit; Powerful, Pure and Portable Skin Care

Michael Hepworth


By Cheri Fox
Hollywood, CA)Perfect Skin Today)5/12/12/—The skin care products in the GO! Gorgeous kit are impressive. I started to sample the personal size products a few weeks ago and already see positive resurfacing results in my facial skin. The kit includes four products combined with powerful exfoliants antioxidants, peptides, and full sun protection.

The GO! Gorgeous kit is a great introduction to four of the most powerful skin care products of Skin Authority. The Kit can be used for travel companion or the gym it includes Daily Cleanser, Resurfacing Accelerator, Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator and Sunscreen Moisturizer with an SPF 30.

The Daily Cleanser, which is fragrance free, great for my super sensitive skin, gently removes oil and has a 3% glycolic acid, pH 4.0. feels like the skin is cleansed of all dirt and oil.  The Kit includes the Resurfacing Accelerator which is a powerful gel , which when applied regularly begins to exfoliate and accelerate the skins natural cellular turnover cycle to improve the texture and appearance of rough, scarred, dry or dull skin.

This accelerator cream has 15% glycolic acid, pH 3.7. While you first use the accelerator there is a tingling and occasional dryness as skins begins to rejuvenate.

The Tri-power Peptide Hydrator has immediate results and on first application; skin absorbs the vitamins quickly into the freshly cleansed skin. The formulation combines anti-aging benefits of peptides and neuropeptides, vitamins A, B, C, and E.  This formulation you can begin to see the results of healthy cell growth and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The hydrator combines a patent AOX technology with pH5.5.

The Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30 this lightweight moisturizer is great for daily used with 30 SPF provides full spectrum sun protection it also includes Aboverzone 3%, Octinoxate 7.5% Octisalate 5%, Oxybenzone 5%, and has a pH of 3.7.  The sunscreen is light enough to wear under make up or just wear to protect bare skin.

The kit is a great way to be introduced to the products and the large personal size containers last a few months.  Every skin authority product includes access to a personal expert skin coach at no extra charge, the coach is there to answer your questions provide guidance.  To get started call skin authority at 1-866-325-SKIN or go online browse the knowledge center at and register online for a limited time and receive a free gift.


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