Votre Vu Le Sorbet Serum Anti-Aging Skin Care Women & Men

Votre Vu Le Sorbet Serum Skin Care Women & Men



By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA({PerfectSkinToday)12/18/11/—Now here is something new and revolutionary in anti-aging products. The Votre-Vu serum is shipped to you in dry ice and has to immediately be put in the freezer. There it stays until you are ready to use it, and the results are an immediate impact with the frozen stick impacting with the warm face.

The Chicago based company with a strong Paris connection are the latest in a line of high end European skin care/anti-aging companies looking to crack the lucrative USA market, and they are actively seeking ambassadors/agents right now. So ladies, if you have had your fill of Mona Vie this might be something to look into.

This unique serum has been on the market since January 2009, and Votre Vu product are purchased through an independent agent or directly via the company web site listed below. There are about 50 products overall in the Votre Vu family include those specifically geared towards men which are discussed later in this article. It is also important and relevant to point out that all the products in the company catalog are manufactured in France in a family owned laboratory that has been around for about eighty years.

The official name for the serum is Le Sorbet ($165), and it may take two or three days of regular use to get used to the sensation of it all. The stick contains marine elastin and collagen, organic muscle relaxing vegetable peptides, hydrolyzed collagen to moisturize and protect and a vegetable broth that soothes, revitalizes, regenerates and stimulates the skin. When the frozen stick hits the skin it has the effect of contracting the face muscles, revving up the circulatory system, encourage the renewal of cell turnover and provide a flush of vibrancy to the overall look of the face.


Votre Vu is trying to convince the American woman to treat skin care and the face part of it in particular like French women tend to do. That means treating the entire experience as a pleasurable part of the day, as opposed to a purely clinical exercise. I am not sure how many celebrities are using this serum in particular, but I am convinced the serum stick can be found in quite a few actresses Sub Zero refrigerators in the Hollywood Hills.

I have also tried the Votre Vu men’s line of 3-in-1 Hair, Face & Body Wash, Men’s Daily Face Crème (SPF 15) and the Organic Lube Shave Balm. All are attractively packaged in black tubes and the shave balm in particular is very effective especially if you have sensitive skin. There is currently a promotion on the Face Crème for $22 starting on November 1st so check out their web site for the details.


Michael Hepworth

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