By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood, CA(PerfectSkinToday)6/26/12/—For the upcoming travel season, one smart way to travel with your skin care kit might be to take the LIFTLAB travel kit that contains four different treatments in one kit. This includes the Lift & Fix High Potency Solution that reinforces the skinĀ  against redness, sensitivity and environmental damage. Also included is the Lift & Repair treatment serum, Lift & Moisturize daily cream and the Lift & Firm eye cream.


As always with high end skin care solutions, there always seems to be a magic ingredient, and in the case of Liftlab, the one here is Cell Protection Proteins (CPP)-discovered in plants and marine life that thrive in the icy Arctic waters. CPP is considered by scientists to be one of the worlds most advanced anti-aging beauty ingredient with advanced ability for self-repair and regeneration of the skins cells.

The Massachusetts based company first came across this protein in the nineties, and employed a diverse cross section of molecular scientists to develop the product. Initially it was used to preserve issues and organs for medical procedures, followed by its use as a preservation tool for frozen food.


The travel kit itself retails for $20 and should be enough for a 2 week trip, but if you like The items individually they can be purchased in larger sizes. The aforementioned High Potency Solution is $95 for a 3.4oz tube, and the treatment serum is $145 for a 1 oz tube.

That is not a price out of line with the cost of other high treatment serums that contain a high amount of active peptides.

The Lift & Moisturize daily cream is $130 for a 1.7oz jar, and the Lift & Firm eye cream is $95 for a 0.5 oz jar.

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