By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(Perfect Skin Today)7/15/12/—La-Isha Anti-Aging Skin Care skin products are geared towards the mature woman over 35 and is based on clinical essential oil therapy. La Isha only uses essential oils, always natural and preferably organic, and ones that have been extracted through steam or water distillation. The Colorado based company was founded by Sharon Gnatt Epel a few years ago after an incident involving her son in 2005.

He suffered an accident in Costa Rica in a rainforest program on a rafting expedition and his hands developed huge blisters, diagnosed in Costa Rica as 2nd degree burns. After being flown home to Denver, an army surgeon and family friend suggested using clinicalm essential oil therapy, and three weeks later he was healed without any scarred hands. This prompted Sharon to find out everything she could about essential oils, and La Isha Natural Skin Care came into play.

One of those oils used is the rose oil, an oil well known to soothe, nourish and tone the skin. However the problem with rose oil is the lack of aroma, and that is why it takes a full ton of petals to produce only 10.5 oz of rose oil. That is why the La Isha oils may seem a bit skimpy in size at first glance, but they are highly concentrated.

The Nutrient Rich Face Cream daily moisturizer is quite rich and effective pretty much throughout the day and should be applied morning and night on the face and neck. The jar however does not contain any details of the ingredients, although we are promised potent anti-oxidants, vitamins, botanical extracts and medical grade essential oils.

The gentle aromatherapy face wash also is full of essential oils and these are especially good for stressed or sun damaged skin. It is a very concentrated product, so only a little is needed each morning.

The Orange-Coconut polish is based with sugar crystals that melt at body temperature to exfoliate and soften dry skin leaving it soft and fully hydrated. It is applied to wet skin and is usually left on for a few minutes to allow moisturizing oils to fully penetrate the skin.

All La-Isha products are free of all known carcinogens, phthalates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, colors, fragrances and petroleum derivatives. The line has been formulated for women who have impaired skin function due to chemo and radiation therapy, or those with concerns about the documented link between cancer and synthetic ingredients found in mainstream personal care products.



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