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Hollywood, CA(Perfect Skin Today)8/19/12/—Patyka is a line of products from Paris in France that have been on my radar for some time, and in particular their luxury body wash line. They are known in the industry
as a cult cosmetic line, and no doubt a sprinkling of actresses and models probably
want to keep it that way.





However, they recently launched their range of BIOKALIFTIN Anti-Aging products,
that visibly fight the signs of aging. It all starts out with the Remarquable Cleansing
Oil which consists 100% of oils which should be used day and night. Next up comes
the Delicate Cleansing Foam that completes the cleansing cycle by removing excess
oil and impurities. It contains a high concentrate of Raspberry and Orange Blossom
water plus 5 natural and mild fruit acids.

The Ultra Rich Radiant Face Cream is perfect for people with dry and weakened skin,
and combines the nourishing Avocado Shea Rose Hip Jojoba emulsion with an anti-aging
complex of organic ingredients. The Repair Night Serum contains no less than 16 essential and plant oils and has a concentrated percentage of 99.5% oils dedicated to
skin vitality and radiance.




Key ingredient used in Patyka anti-aging products are Hexapeptide 11, and our old
favorite, Hyaluronic Acid. Hexapeptide, is the only peptide extracted from nature, and
consists of a specific sequence found in proteins involved in the formation of elastin
It acts directly on growth factors present in the skin and improves firmness and elasticity
of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid retains water levels in the skin for a prolonged period and more
importantly, boosts hydration. It also fills in wrinkles and restores facial volume,
forming moisturizing film, giving the skin a soft and velvety look.

Other new releases in the new line are the Radiant Eye Contour, Intensive Cleaning
Milk, Radiant Exfoliating Mask, Repair Face Cream and the Intensive Moisturizing
Mask. The Eye Contour is a combination of 10 active ingredients with natural anti-
Aging and anti fatigue properties.







The Intensive Cleansing Milk consists of Cornflower and Rose Blossom waters
combined with 5 natural and organic ingredients. This is very good for cleaning off
make up, and has moisturizing, toning, regenerating and lifting properties.

The Exfoliating Mask is Beauty Salon quality and moisturizes, exfoliates and tones
in three phases. Highly rated, and something that should be done once a week. Repair
Face Cream is ultra concentrated and provides lifting, plumping and toning all in one.
Skin should appear firmer and smoother immediately, along with a reshaping of the
face’s contours.

Finally, the Intensive Moisturizing Mask is for those needing an urgent SOS fix. Geared
towards dehydrated and tight skin, it immediately improves comfort, softness and radiance.


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