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Hollywood, CA(Prefect Skin Today)11/23/12/—The Ultrasonic Technology toothbrush by Emmi-dent 6 has to be one of the best whitening brushes on the market based on research we have done over the last month. Claiming to be the world’s premier non-abrasive gentle to the gum toothbrush, and with a whopping 84 million oscillations per minute, it destroys plaque and tartar, and reduces gum disease, bleeding and inflamed gums.








Ultrasound has been used in dental offices for years to sterilize equipment, and now Emmi-dent has patented the technology in the brushhead to kill bacteria in the mouth. Since periodontitis has also been associated with heart disease, that makes something like the Emmi-dent yet another tool to fight overall health.














The package comes with a charger and two toothbrushes, and also includes with some special toothpaste which is needed specifically for the generation of millions of microscopic bubbles. As you well know, visits to the dentist for teeth whitening can become expensive over a period of time, so an investment of about $179 for this makes a lot of sense. Teeth whiteners also contain bleach and other chemicals which can damage the enamel in the teeth, and toothpaste also contains abrasives that remove enamel from the teeth.






The toothpaste which costs only $5.99 for refills is of the non-abrasive nano-bubble type which keeps the teeth stain free. Children also like Emmi-dent 6 because of the gentle motion. All you have to do is squeeze two small dabs of the toothpaste onto the brush, hold still over the three teeth for up to ten seconds, move the brush and hold it over the next three teeth and then continue on all then teeth until completed.

Emmi-dent is manufactured in Canton, MA, and the toothpaste makes contact with the smaller cavities where normal toothbrushes do not get to. Ultrasound technology has been used in dental offices for years to sterilize equipment, and now Emmi-dent has perfected the brushhead to kill bacteria anywhere in your mouth.


Even if you have had oral surgery recently, Emmi-dent can be used immediately after surgery, even implants. It is gentle on the wounds and requires no brushing.

Coffee and red wine stains can actually vanish in three days if you stick to the program, restoring teeth to the natural color, preventing periodontitis, inflammation and bad breath.

The Ultrasound and nano-bubbles reach below the gumline and expel color pigments from coffee, wine, nicotine and food.

Cost for the Emmi-dent 6 is $189.





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