“American Heart Health Month” the powerful nutritional virtues of virgin organic JUKA’S Red Palm Oil


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By Sheila Williams

HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)2/15/13/—February isn’t just for chocolate hearts and valentines, its American Heart Month — a time set aside to raise awareness about heart health and preventing heart disease. This February, be good to your heart and consider some easy alternatives to your diet that improve Heart Health.

Simple changes like cooking oil can have a great impact on your life. For instance, olive oil benefits have been touted for many hundreds of years. Even more recently, coconut oil has become all the rage. But, whatever oil you choose – whether it’s olive, coconut, almond, canola, peanut, safflower, walnut, or even avocado oil – none compare to the powerful nutritional virtues of virgin organic Red Palm Oil.










This oil is regarded as a sacred healing food by many civilizations, including the ancient Egyptians, crude or virgin red palm fruit oil should be regarded as one of the most nutritious edible oils in the world. Virgin organic sustainable red palm fruit oil is otherwise a bona fide miracle food. The red color of the palm fruit oil is what is attributed to its high content of carotenes, which include beta-carotene and lycopene. These powerhouse antioxidant nutrients are the same ones that give tomatoes and carrots and other fruits and vegetables their rich red and orange colors.








American Heart Month battle on cardiovascular disease and offers to educate Americans on what we can do to live heart-healthy lives. Heart disease, including stroke, is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. These diseases, the nation’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers, claim more than 865,000 American lives a year.

Over the past two decades, researchers have intensely studied red palm oil’s effect on cardiovascular health and the preliminary results initially baffled scientists. Kept at room temperature, this semi-solid oil seems as likely as lard to clog your arteries. But what might shock you to learn, as it has equally stunned researchers, is that although red palm fruit oil is indeed high in saturated fat, it actually protects against heart disease. Studies show that adding palm oil into the diet can remove plaque build-up in arteries and, therefore, reverse the process of plaque and prevent blockages.

Nothing ages us faster than being overweight, where traditional fats and oils like margarine, or other vegetable oils take a long time to break down for energy and are eventually stored as fat, red palm oil goes straight to liver and ignites metabolism. That means you’ll burn calories from fat much faster.

By now, you’re probably asking yourself, 1. How do I identify organic palm oil, 2. How can I use organic red palm oil, 3. Where can I get red palm oil ? Red Palm Oil signature quality is it’s consistency, please look for a palm oil that is deep red, with a consistent texture. Its taste should be nutty with butter feel to it that leaves no after-taste. Red Palm Oil can be used like most cooking oils with fresh meats or vegetables sautéed or as Dr Oz suggest in Oatmeal. You can find Red Palm Oil in local African specialty markets or buy online.

One of the finest palm oil’s on the market today is Juka’s Red Palm Oil. Direct from Africa and completely organic, it provides all that Red Palm Oil can offer.Another benefit, it’s founder Juka is from West Africa, where she has been in the Palm Oil Business for more than 4 years. She firmly believes in her product and want to help the African farmers sustain their own source of income but also to break the stigma about palm oil by introducing the exclusive African organic palm oil that has the highest nutritional values because of its originality and pureness. But to sure you’re getting the best possible quality please visit www.jukaspalmoil.com for tips from our expert.

“It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation, here at Juka’s Palm Oil. It is our duty and to our benefit as Africans to protect our environment and to preserve our primary resources. Wildlife and rainforest is what makes Africa unique and special “says Juka Ceesay.


JUKA’S Palm Oil was established recently in 2008 by Juka Ceesay. After owning an African food market in the City of Los Angeles for a few years. Juka realized there was a lack of authentic, pure and natural products in the united states from Africa. Her objective is to combine a variety of innovative items (Organic Red Palm Oil, Sea butter, Herbal Medicines, African Tea, African Whole Grain and lots more) from the historic past of Africa to tailor them to fit today’s contemporary life while still maintaining the authenticity of these products. “We will always have your family in mind when a product is created.” ” Experience the feelling of being home away from home.” Visit our Cooking Website for more Healthy and delicious African Food Recipes.