Michael Hepworth

HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)3/17/13/–Let’s talk about DFI AGING, a brand new line of skin care put out by Infinity Enterprises Based out of Naples, Florida. They also put out Premier Dead Sea, Gratiae Organics and LIV Hair. Their new venture is the luxury skin care line DFI AGING, and their flagship product is the 60 second Facelift that has been developed over 25 years of research. Now I know the price tag of $1999.99 is a bit steep for most of us, but there is a short video that can be seen explaining and showing the end results. That can be seen at www.dfiaging.com/60secondfacelift.htm, and look for the reaction of the model when she sees her face after the treatment.








After using the face lift, the results will last 6-8 hours on average, but continued use on a regular basis should result in less damage and deterioration for your skin.Smooth on to your face a very thin layer including upper and lower eyelids and leave on until completely dry. A white layer on the face means you have over-applied.

Product size is 1oz or 29 grams so use of any of them has to be fairly controlled unless your skin care budget is unlimited.









The DFI Facial Peel is more affordable at $149.99, and a bamboo extract works as a natural exfoliant while improving the skins health. This is achieved by helping the body absorb essential minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Additional ingredients include Grapeseed oil which soothes, heals and promotes the skins natural cell renewal process. Vitamin A and moringa seed oil remove dull looking skin. The peel is suitable for all skin types and it works best with the DFI Anti-Aging Cream.

Spread an even layer on the face and massage for up to 3 minutes using circular motion. Wash off with warm water and a wash cloth, but avoid use of this product with irritated skin.

The Anti-Aging-Cream lists at $199.99 and is jam packed with nutrients to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bamboo extract is one of the key ones, along with Alfalfa extract which is vital as a collagen strengthener. Other ingredients include Palmaria Palmata (Dulse), Ahnfeltia Concinna (Red Algae) and Propylparaben.

The packaging on all these three products is pretty classy, and you will certainly feel like a celebrity if you have them on display in your boudoir. No celebrity endorsements yet at press time, but it can only be a matter of time. Also all ingredients used are clearly marked on the box.