AJNE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS FROM CARMEL: Chief Botanical Alchemist and founder Jane Hendler’s Magic Potions, Magic Charms and Magic Power


By Michael Hepworth

Carmel.CA(PerfectSkinToday)2/26/12/—For those of you familiar with Carmel you have probably heard of AJNE, a small quaint apothecary store primarily known for their specialty perfumes designed specifically for each client. However their skin care line is starting to get some attention in the right circles, which does include the odd celebrity, who are not too hard to spot in Carmel

Chief Botanical Alchemist is founder Jane Hendler who works hand in hand with husband Rex Rombach. The charismatic couple first formulated their idea in 2003, and after finally setting up in the swankiest street in Carmel they were off and running. However the outrageous rent and the recession almost nailed them, but now after relocating to Mission St they are on the way up big time, thanks in part to the internet and their celebrity perfume clientele.

All the skin care products are parabens, phthalate and synthetic free as well as being vegan, and the attractive distinctive dark blue packaging is all glass. The Super C Anti-aging serum is nice and smooth to put on and feels pretty supercharged and is quite effective with just a little dab. With a 10% Vitamin C content it is formulated to inhibit the formation of age spots, freckles and maybe even precancerous melanomas.

The Cooling Cucumber Mask has a wonderful soothing smell to it and is perfect used twice a week for stressed out skin. It is very light on the skin unlike other masks and contains vegetable-derived collagen to plump dehydrated tissues, and crushed moringa seeds for purifying and cleansing.

The Eye Perfecting Serum does not contain any waxes or synthetics and the result is a serum that hydrates and plumps the delicate eye tissues.

We don’t really cover perfumes here (well not yet at least), but it would be amiss not to talk about the Ajne Perfume collection. The catchphrases have included seductive scents and Jane Handler-the star perfumer. All of the perfumes are hand produced using pure natural ingredients and they will create your own perfume based on your personality.

Ajne also have candles that have gotten rave reviews from beauty magazine editors, and the jars have the feel of antique mercury glass and the candles burn evenly inside.

It would not be Ajne if some kind of fragrance emitted from these candles, and in this case you have a choice of woodsy, powdery amber or white floral.


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