By Michael Hepworth

Hollywood,CA(PerfectSkinToday)3/9/12/—Face Lube is a new product from Germany consisting of three men’s skin care products, a cleanser, a treatment and a protectant. Packaged like a trio of motor oil containers, the idea is to make it simple for men to take care of their skin without using a host of different products.

The cleanser (3.4 ozs-$25) consists of concentrated natural organic plant derivedmcomplex and high tech manufacturing protocols. Since it is produced in Germanythe latter goes without saying, and more importantly it is completely free from the damaging Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The cleanser breaks up embedded dirt, grime andskin debris, unlike soap that strips the face of natural moisture. It should be used morning and night.

The treatment (1.5 oz-$105) is being compared to a high-end synthetic fluid for a car, and is a Hi-Potency Concentrated Ultra Super Luxe Caviar Complex, and the Natural Bio-Peptides work to activate cell metabolism. It also helps to mimimize fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen and elasticity as well as repairing past damage. The DNA- Marine/Caviar Extract is the reason for the high price tag, and is quite likely the ultimate deep penetrating nutrient to promote younger looking skin.

The protectant is even more pricey at $115 for 1.5oz and it works in conjunction with the treatment. It is moisture enriched, ultra smooth, non-oily and protects against premature aging. Ingredients in this include Matrixyl 3000 which is good for collagen production, Venuceane to prevent signs of photo-aging, and Ocean Gold for natural mineral nutrient.

Also included in the protectant is Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract, a natural moisturizer that promotes healing, Caffeine for firming and detoxifying, and Allantoin which heals and protects. Facelube refuses to include SPF in its products, and instead uses a separate natural anti-aging sunscreen that has broad spectrum protection instead.

The kit itself is geared towards avoiding any form of oxidization and germ accumulation, and even though it is produced in Germany, the woman behind the brand is Candace Chen from Los Angeles. She is not a doctor or a chemist, but is in fact a manufacturer and distributor of automotive products. She has had political appointments in the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations as a trade policy advisor, and no doubt has been spreading the word about Facelube to her political cronies.

The gentleman who has been trying the products out for us reports excellent results by the way, so check out the web site as I believe there are deals if you purchase all three of the treatments.

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